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Ottawa family shares story of teen’s overdose death

la description:
A heartbreaking story of the Russell family, after aspiring figure skater and top student died from an overdose just before New Year’s Eve. \n\nSubscribe to CTV News to watch more videos:\n\nConnect with CTV News:\nFor the latest news visit: \nFor a full video offering visit the CTV News Network: \nCTV News on Facebook: \nCTV News on Twitter: \nWatch CTV News on Twitter: \nCTV News on Google+: \nCTV News on Instagram: \nCTV News on Pinterest: \n\n—\nCTV News is Canada’s most-watched news organization both locally and nationally, and has a network of national, international, and local news operations.

FAILURE écrit: I need to get my hands on some of that stuff asap. Either this or some Carfentanil. It's about time I end this nightmareStarlight écrit: Poor girl rip xMz Tv écrit: This is my biggest fear when I take any drugs really need to stopCynthia Blanchard écrit: Im sorryAnthony Shostack écrit: year to date, a Mexican Mafia and the indian Mafia in California were working together making the fentanyl drug in top of s tall building!Anthony Shostack écrit: i had 3 friends died from fentanyl in 2017 too, 2017 was a big year of Fentanyl over does!ass ssa écrit: Crush percs mixed with NyQuil drink it down and smoke a blunt thank me laterJudge Judith Sheindlin écrit: they served her some fent ��bdawg2755 écrit: There’s a girl I used to like 3 years ago, her 21 y/o brother died 2 months ago from the same drug this girl usedTeresa Short écrit: ��
A beautiful girl …Gabe Powers écrit: The West should bomb china and mexico into oblivion.Shaun Crittenden écrit: At that point I'm on my wayAndrew Hutchinson écrit: This killed my sister yesterdaySalad Hands écrit: Why lace percs with fentanyl, that's so out of order it is entering the realm of murder.FUNZ YOUTUBER écrit: Please Can you guys watch my YouTube videos so I can do something to beat my depression and suicidal moments and just think about being successful on YouTube ����Jinhit Entertainment écrit: She Respawned…..TheMardi écrit: that's why talking about drugs is important. maybe she would not use them if she knew how high risk of death is.Suck écrit: I’m gon kill myself soonJULIO ROSENBERG écrit: Unfortunately DRUG ADDICTION does not DISCRIMINATE!!! From the dead broke uneducated person living under the bridge to the Upscale top notch Vascular Surgeon at the top of his profession and EVERYTHING in-between. Sorry for your loss ������My Tran écrit: Beautiful daughter but not smart enoughNadia Swaidan écrit: Enjoy cocaineMelissa Secore écrit: My sister died of an overdose 2 months ago I feel your pain I'm so sorry for your loss I miss my sister everydaycorrioliseffect écrit: Stay away from drugs everyone. Only bad things can happen.Robert Caffrey écrit: Hearthbreaking loss, her poor father is so weighed down with grief, all the more hearthbreaking for him to think all the years of raising his beautiful smart daughter were now coming to fruitition only to be robbed by addiction. Obviously the person who was behind the distribution of the tablets she had taken knew they were lethal, so she was basically murdered for a few miserable dollars.Dana Shannon écrit: Counterfeit Percocet. TerrifyingI am Ann Vlogs écrit: will i die if i took 200 benadryl pills?Jim Beam écrit: Prayers to the family. I couldn't imagine the pain.Jeremy Stone écrit: Get born again before you flop to your death. With Jesus you don't need drugs .Richard Woods écrit: My query was overdose of atenolol.Phil écrit: December 30th ?
Ouch.sht storm écrit: What a gorgeous young woman. I struggle with drugs as well, in my teens I took a lot of pills but these days I struggle with drink.Yuky Channel 1 écrit: Omg she was so beautiful ����Daniel Arthur écrit: Am going to be next in a few hoursKay Jay écrit: Yesterday i injected half gram of something accidentally thinking it to be heroin and this is what lead me hear… And just after injection within 10 minutes i was experiencing hell on earth. I just thought this was my last injection. I was just shooked.. Blurry everything. Not able to walk not able to think… And i was just fighting for my life… I thought its an heroin overdose… After half an hour of struggle i came back to a little normal… But my withdrawal was started again for heroin… As i am cutting my dose regularly to quit heroin i thought i overdosed on heroin as my tolerance is now a little decreased but when i started feeling withdrawal i came to know that the dealer gave me something else… And after reaching a lot i get to a point that it was mdma crystal cut with something else… I took again my dose of heroin but i was very afraid that mixing heroin with previous substance or substances can be more dangerous… But i was having a severe withdrawal… So i took a small dose first and then i felt better…. Then i took the whole dose…
I will quit everything now after yesterday's experience…. Its a new life that is given to me maybe for a reason .. Durgs are not worth a life… And those who sell Durgs don't care about a life but only money…
I have already lost my everything with my addiction but it's on me if i have the courage i can bring back everything.Angela Jackson écrit: ����PUGGIE 101 écrit: I've never seen a news outlet highlight the death of an "unattractive" young girl. Its always the pretty ones that breaks people's hearts.D R écrit: my best friend of 30 years died due to opiods.Dawn phun écrit: What's up with all these comments saying she deserved to die?? Have a heart, her dad is reading these commentsBarry Richman écrit: Just say no ?Joonas Naski écrit: I just accidentally ate more than double the amoun of propranolol and i have heart problems so if there are any doctors please helpMr. Anderson écrit: Do NOT use drugs. Especially not prescribed dirty street drugs.brown power ranger écrit: 18��������������������������������❤️❤️❤️❤️S G écrit: CHINA IS POISONING AMERICA WITH FENTANYLlove dude écrit: This is how i wanna go. The sooner the better.Charon écrit: Geez poor girl. Its getting harder to find percs let alone oxys anymore so ppl resort to back alley deals like this prob was. I'm one unlucky purchase away from the same fate myslefDee howell écrit: These kids are no angel they're involved in all type of things. These things are rotten no discipline in the home from day one. These kids are made to do any and everything and parents can't seemed to discipline these kids or they go to jail or have them taken away by government. Hell what else to do.Mary Tid Bits From The Attic écrit: I’m so sorry for your loss����❤️Steve Hunt écrit: BRAVE FATHER TOO!!!! may she rest in peace!!!!Steve Hunt écrit: Pretty girl too ������Steve Hunt écrit: SO SAD, WHAT A WASTEnothing truly real écrit: Cute
Don't go after the one who sold her the bad batch
Go after the one who got her startAlpha Centauri écrit: I blame that stupid rap PercocetSha Sha écrit: It is noble that the father is speaking out to help save lives.Free Bird écrit: What a load of hog wash! Absolute bs theatre…actorssizzorgirl67 écrit: I’m done I don’t want to live anymoreJamie écrit: I’m truly sry for your lossSafety First écrit: What a shame, beautiful girl. What in the world happened with her, running with the wrong crowd?CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior. écrit: Don’t do drugs and you won’t die of odFernan Gram écrit: Don’t wanna be a dick but girls sometimes fall for peer pressure-FGWPatricia Salvatore écrit: Did the guy say ".ca naa .daa?ambarish kumar écrit: Such a beautiful girl lost to drugs.SadOnly God Can Judge Me écrit: The story is don't do drugs it might be your lastBlackjack Mania écrit: Awfernand robichaud écrit: What did she do between high school graduation in June and December? She wanted to go to Nursing but did she actually attend Nursing school?El Frog écrit: I bet she dated for “personality” anywaysynthetic water écrit: she's so beautiful… and seems like she was a nice person… and she had a bright future… i'm just sad now 🙁Steven Schuster écrit: So sad. Addition is brutal.Ravula Karuna écrit: What overdose cause deathKatherine Hague écrit: I just want to give the father a huge hug <3Chrystie Carlson écrit: ��Ed Speece écrit: What a waste…Damien Chance écrit: I feel bad for the fatherGabrielle Bellizzi écrit: She’s gorgeous ����OMG she wanted to be a nurse awe I’ve been there where I wanted to end my life. I’m sorry for your lossDxddy Jm écrit: I want to do thisJDM Virgins Media écrit: Don’t do drugs!kitty kat écrit: So sad I cant believe I survived drugs as a teen I'm so scared my daughter will one day do drugs NEVER WORTH IT never ever ever !Nicole B écrit: RIH GORGEOUS ����‍♀️��
MAY HER DAD FIND HIS PEACE��‍♀️Trevor Smith écrit: Such a pretty angel rip sweetieAngel _O écrit: .Mickey Zombish écrit: Hey kinda look like Russell Crow…not just the name…Liz Bro écrit: As a Mom of teens, this is my biggest fear�� We can teach our kids how to walk the straight and narrow, but we can’t be there at all times to make sure that they don’t take a left turn. Bless this family��Explorer Mike écrit: So beautiful. What a waste of a life.Jane Stout écrit: Feel for the entire family. I can’t imagine the pain they feel.Billy_Miner écrit: Dad looks a bit like Rusell Crowe.. Sorry for your loss.��Joseph Rimmer écrit: Need to get closer to Jesus!! Must have been too separate. Satan uses all methods to destroy!Total Sweetheart écrit: Omg she so gorgeous and the little sister soooo cute! Please protect her she needs uTotal Sweetheart écrit: Counterfeit pills
Where did they come from and how did they get laced I always believed pills are safe versus anything elseChris Horv écrit: 88% of North Americans are on some sort of drug or antidepressants… newscast already knows thisearrth911 écrit: Sorry, I don't have any sentiments for drug abusers. They knew what they signed for.GinGin écrit: Please watch documentaries on Fetinol!!!!!! It was “laced” with the fetinol. Fetinol is 50 times more addictive than heroin. You can get hooked and overdose the very first time. Also, she most likely did not know it had fetinol, nor how dangerous fetinol is. Or probably never even heard about it. Just thought it was a pain killer.Keki Channel écrit: ����‍♀️Belle V écrit: Dang. She is beautifulJay Taber écrit: I'm sorry but that's Russell Crowe speaking… Not Bob Russellstand-up people écrit: Omg so sadlamfilipos écrit: This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "alcoholism definition" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Paneyton Preliminary Prevalence – (do a search on google ) ? It is an awesome one of a kind product for discovering how to control your drinking habit minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.Romano The Third écrit: Where were they when she was doing f$&$!ing heroin. Wtf. The father played dumb. He never saw signs. Stop ✋��harmony momentofbeing écrit: I dont understand how parents don't notice any changes thats so crazy????? écrit: I took 4 gravol now I’m freaking outC. Chaney écrit: She is so stupidTheBeingReal écrit: You play. You pay.

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