dosage tramadol

dosage tramadol

Tramadol Dosage Mistakes; How it Happens & its Effect on You [Doctor Interview]

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Drug Error Trial Attorney Matt Hamilton interviews Doctor Jesse Garcia, an expert on drugs and their effect on the human body. \nTramadol, ConZip, Ultram, and Ultracet pain medication overdoses and discussed along with the resulting harm on the body.\n\nAdditional information on Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis is detailed at:

Chris Ranz écrit: I have ankylosing spondylitis I take tramadol and I've been fortunate having the capabilities of using properly, if and when I do take it which is not often i would take it night time and I break them in half. Once in a blue moon in the late afternoon if I become stiff with pain I'll take half a pill or even less . Ankylosing spinalits starts off in the lower back area and throughout the years it spreads all over your body it's just the nature of the beast.So when medication is used properly it's quite beneficial when not used properly it becomes your worst nightmare. Y'all have a great eveningJatzen Sylvester écrit: To me, this medication is the first in my mind when it comes to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. When you take it by mouth, you experience immediate-release formulation. is my favorite.william castle écrit: In my experience with Tramadol I get only pain relief after 30-45 minutes of a dosage(25-50mg). When I was taking Oxycodoe/Hydrocodone I got the pain relief at 30-45 minutes plus a fantastic rush of euphoria that would last an hour or 2. I very much enjoyed and looked forward to my doses of hydro/oxy.. but now that I'm on the Tramadol I'm only using it when the pain starts to re-emerge and not excited about the effect. For me it's perfect. As much as I loved that euphoria and looked forward to it I recognized it definitely could become a problem.. it took a few doses to accept I wasn't gonna get the euphoria anymore 🙁 …. but I know its ultimately a good thing. In my opinion and experience Tramadol should be prescribed first for pain relief.. seems like it would be much less addictive. Although after reading comments on here just about everyone has different opinions on the effect of it.BlueDragon écrit: I did meth coke speed mdma i did everything but believe me, one that will fuck you up will be tramadol if u r not careful. The high is great tho for meMohammed Nasir écrit: I use tramadol for 4years and l don't know how to stop '''' I just wanna tell all the world don't use it tramadol by mistake . Bad luckyHighly Suggestible écrit: I'm taking 100mg a day for a compressed disk and resulting nerve pain, I find this dose is ample. If you're new to Tramadol, start small. You may be surprised.Toni Thompson écrit: Tramadol was worse than oxycodone trying to come off of it. At least for me. Nasty drug and ADDICTIVE!RealDeal écrit: tramadol klonopin combo is heaven but dont try this at homeRolando Maz écrit: Good job. Explanations, great idea your brain remembers every word frome.your work and teachings as a pharmacist gracias viva mexico hello from Chicago to Brazildon keyballs écrit: If u go to the hospital, in severe opioid(morphine) withdrawal,they give u shots of tramadol, to bring u back from withdrawal ,& it works very well, ull stop shitting and puking ,pretty much right awayCarol Chapman écrit: I have always taken tramadol for arth. And I have done many drug screens due for my job Never has tramadol shown in urine/lab screen, positive for opiods, never .I do not understand the screening you are discussing.Amol Vhanale écrit: plz make subtitles also available in this conversationdon keyballs écrit: Doctors can shove their pills up their ass ,I'll stick to marijuana, works 4 meDan Ray écrit: Everything has some bad to it when you stop taking it…meds are only in the eyes �� of the beholder..each their own
Nice that they make cars in different colors..if we had just would be boring. The thing about meds is if you get
On something for a long have to plan a way to Wien yourself off. I was good at doing this until I had found
myself out of perks thanks to my doctor who left me hanging by getting his ass next 6 years I was a herion
Basket case..You can't Wien yourself off that med easy as some other meds…it was hell on earth..27 months clean today
Though…the best of all is…if you don't need it…don't start…..captain cat écrit: I have taken Tramadol for years, on and off. My body takes about 36 hours to normalise after a single dose. After 24 hours I still feel mildly intoxicated. This makes daily dosing effective, in that the effects accumulate, but I am aware this causes my tramadol and destramadol blood level to increase with every day.
None of this is mentioned on the Patient Information Leaflets supplied with the drug.
And hallucinations are a massive problem when withdrawing. I cannot read anything for days at a time due to stupid colorful symbols appearing where normal text should be. How do I explain this to my employer without appearing insane ?….Merlijn damoiseaux écrit: i take 1.2 g a dayRamiro Gallardo écrit: I take 200mg no more than once a week for the high. Been doing it for a couple of months. Is this dangerous?Narcoticlady / écrit: I’m off tramadol rn cuzAlex Waters écrit: I’ve seen better acting in isis hostage videos.Tradone o écrit: Can I use it for GymTrapper Raptor écrit: I have been on Tramadol for 6 years and never gotten high on it must be the wrong Tramadol,,,,,,Kyle écrit: You could find a better doctor than you got on this video. Maybe a doctor a bit more seasoned.Molly Alicé écrit: When I am on this it makes me feel drunk and high. I just stumble about in a great mood all day then come home and have a great nights sleep. Tramadol is the best.LyesergicBrainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal écrit: I love Tramadol, been takin it for about 11 years; no regrets!B Sanderson écrit: If someone had been through what I have and still going through at 46 days off,they would want tramadol banned in the US.maurice femenias écrit: I was on tramadol for 4 months on 300 mg or more, went cold turkey because they wouldnt give me more and i suffered 3 days no sleep restlness spasms etc, with all do respect its worst that coke coming down !! Its paradise when you are on it world is perfect until reality checks in !! Like a bus that hits ya Hard !! Beaware !!heavy meddle écrit: I'm 47. Have pain in my back. Hospitalized a couple of times because of that. Live in Thailand since 2013 and here you can buy tramadol over the counter. Now I feel I've been taking them too long and I take 250-300 mg every day. But I've find it very difficult to stop taking them. I've been addicted to drugs before and I can feel the classical symptoms. Depression, pain everywhere, insomnia etc… Its like a mini version of methadone withdrawal. Someone know how to step down? This medicine is more hard to stop taking than I thought. Have no power to be addicted again. I am but I need to quit. Please… Someone?!.Robby King écrit: My dr. doesn't consider tramadol a real pain med she's in chronic pain herself, back when I was in TN my dr. was giving me 30 tramadol a month and not even the ER's the regular ones 50mg for chronic pain I moved to a better state for healthcare now I'm on fentanyl, oxycodone and Valium and about to have a neck and back surgery back to back in about a week, sometimes I would end up taking my whole script of tramadol in a day and get no reliefHigh Octane écrit: Thank you Jeremy Renner!Brian Toal écrit: They gave me tramadol after my liver transplant. They might as well have me tic tacs. At least those taste good. It did nothing and I just suffered for the week in the hospital post transplantkevin wayne écrit: A take 5 or 6 a day, of the 50's Withdrawl is a nightmare.Susan écrit: 400 mg is max a day!!Joshua Swaim écrit: I would be careful with the doctors all it takes is to get one mad and you end up in court for a year for nothing these doctors work for government remember who gives the license to these doctorsGator Mckluskey écrit: If you are older it will cause you to have a hard time peeing and it's uncomfortable!John K Lindgren écrit: TRAMADOL the Best Available Analgesic for Medium to Severe Pain! I’ve had 5 TKR Knee Replacement Operations. The last two were revisions due to deep S. Epidermidis infection. Without TRAMADOL I would have been fucked! In Sweden where I had my primary TKR OxyContin, Oxycodone, Oxynorm aka «  Hillbilly Heroin » is the drug par preference, prescribed by Orthopedic Surgeons as well as Psychiatrists! Not Tramadol I wonder why? But in Thailand where I’ve undergone three major knee operations, here OxyContin only for terminally ill i.e. cancer patients. All you TRAMADOL ADDICTS! My advice reduce to 50 mg per day. Then 25 mg (half a capsule) always with strong coffee. No sugar! Later 12,5 mg. slowly – Don’t RUSH. I repeat Tramadol is the BEST painkiller, analgesic. What’s option « Hillbilly Heroin » Fentanyl or Morphine? Bangkok-Johnnie écrit: He low key looks​ like Jim Moriarty ⚠️DMM Donna’s Modification Motivation écrit: My doctor allows me 3 a day. For me, that’s way too much. I take 2 50mg pills in the AM. That’s give me 11 hrs to live before my body says it’s time to rest again. I here of people taking up to 8 pills a take, some a higher dose. That’s why people are dying on this drug. That just too much. Be a responsible user of medication people.So CueGon écrit: I've taken most of these drugs for nerve damage resulting from cervical surgery. None of them have given me any relief from my terrible pain but I have had some pretty bad side effects from them. I even developed heart trouble and had to have a defibrillator put in as my heart had slowed down to 15%. I got off all pain medications and I'm dealing with the pain without any drugs. Sometimes it's very difficult but it's better than putting my life on the line with these terrible drugs. Don't ever trivialized what the side effects could be (as most doctors do), its your life and believe me doctors are not really concerned with what can happen to you. I trusted a surgeon and now I'm disabled and in constant pain. The doctor that prescribed all these drugs for me to take could care less that I'm so sick now. So be very careful and be aware.don keyballs écrit: tramadol in my iv at hospital ,controlled my severe opiate withdrawal, stopped the severe sicknessNoah Roos écrit: Im on 400mg rn. So cozy!Dugie Doogs écrit: Some people are susceptible to seizures on this stuff and seizures can rapidly lead to death. They need to find some way of testing reaction or susceptibility apart from "we'll try you on some tramadol shall we".Crazy World écrit: Tramadol does not get rid of the pain just so not with it so you don’t care as muchRock 5150 écrit: Hope this one doesn't get messed up the only thing that I found that has worked with the less side effects than any opioids for back pain been taking for 5 years no problem so far ��DrHarryT écrit: I was taking 3 Hydrocodone (Norco) 7.5/325 + 3 Tramadol 50Mg each day, now it's 2@10/325 + 2@50MG a day…The Tramadol by itself does nothing for my pain, 1 Norco #10 suppresses it and then late in the day I take the other #10 Norco with the 2 Tramadol as a kicker that maybe helps a little.Looseel Scott écrit: This video is a jokemikey1974 hetfield écrit: baby aspirin is stronger.galanie écrit: Tramadol is being considered an "opiod" which it isn't. As a result, it's difficult to get unless you go to a pain specialist. So after taking tramadol for 16 years I can no longer get it unless I drive 60 miles and spend 250 dollars for a pain specialist. And I was only taking 50-100 mg a day! So I quit taking it and after 2 years I really, really, miss it. Might end up going to that expensive specialist after all. The government really screwed the goose by pretending it's an opiod. It's not, it's synthetic, and it doesn't affect you the same way. I know because I've taken oxy for pain in the past.taveesh panth écrit: Take some " clonodine " and some liv52 for liver cleansing and some nootropics and be ready for cold turkey rest I have been using it for my pain and often I up my intake to a sky high . But I stay out of it only when my where seasonal pain arises.

You do get withdrawal
Like sweating , hyper anxiety , hulk anger , and you don't wish to eat and because of going into a calorie deficit you get chills and shivers in short weakness .

Well I say if you had planned when to start taking tramadol and when to stop and you are ready for the withdrawal as it will certainly hit you .

The withdrawal usually goes away past 7days if body is detoxed properly you might pass the withdrawal in few days like 3 or 4 .

Facts about tramadol

1 – Does help in serious pain
2 – safe for your kidney and liver too not typical toxic for the two organ .
3 – it is addictive
4 – even if prescribed for more than 2 weeks do take atleast 4 days of break in between and be ready to feel like shit as the feel good chemical is not induced in these days , basically the concept is before your body develope tolerance so that it demands more of tramadol you body should get used to of saying no to tramadol when it's craving for it the most .
It's a feel good chemical and your body gets greedy and selfish but your mind should stay strong . Where ever you mind goes your body follows not the other way round . So be wise and be prepared for the super bad feel when you leave tramadol .

And when you think of returning back to tramadol for fun when you have no pain just listen to your mind and say no to it . As your body will get the beating if you ignored your mind .

Life anyways will suck if you feel it that way . No matter what you do .

So be mature and choose when and how much to use and if not to use at allKARMA What goes around comes around écrit: Mama I need some trama ��������BOBBY D écrit: If you take 2 Ultram at once and feel agitated , you have Tramadol sensitivity. Discontinue use.Cryo Gyro écrit: That doctor straight up lied, it DOES cause constipation, has a much longer half-life than traditional 1st gen opioids, IS more potent and has a greater effect on the chemicals in the brain. If you take it as prescribed for a year or more you have an 80% chance of having at least one grand mal seizure. Also it has the potential for much more acute withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing use when compared to something like hydrocodone, meperidine, oxycodone, etc..kevin cvalciuc écrit: Tramadol was a great "Analgesic" when it came out. People started abusing it along with every drug out there so it was reclassified a narcotic even though its not a narcotic. Stop punishing people that have chronic pain because of the abusers.Sontar écrit: Remember folks, always get your medical advice from a lawyer on the internet. Never take a lessor drug when you can help your lawyer get more money by taking a really potent drug.Eric Ocampo écrit: Speaking from personal experience stay away from tramadol it does indeed have addicting side effects two fold Neuro causing Zapps and physical withdrawls that can last for over a month..Not a week 7 days But Over a month 30+days straight…Please i say this with giving assistance in mind.Stay Away from Tramadol…chickstar69 duplicity écrit: Only in Americacayogator écrit: dr. jesse looks really alertPhil Mitchell écrit: I just got prescribed tramadol and dictophenic for my kidney stones but it doesn't seem to do anything yet the doctor said it would really Mong me out, years ago I was sectioned in a nutty ward and the staff would give everyone all sorts to knock them out but nothing worked on me, they would give me some weird syrup type liquid and many tablets in the end they would just give up and lock me in the tv room, can people have resistance to such things? My kidney stones are agonisingNick Gur écrit: Tramadol is LAME.hujjesb écrit: You lawyers just love tramadol lots of cash for another cause ..think we are all stupidkmgrillen écrit: Tramadol is really bad as a pain medication, I had 400mg daily for 5 years for my knee. It never dulled the pain, I just didn't care it hurt (aka high).
Took almost a year before all abstinence symptoms where gone. Oh and they used to market it as "non-addictive" and being effective at treating opiat abuse. Right, kiss my ass, it's rat poison.time écrit: Oxycontin withdrawal? Meh no problem.
Tramadol withdrawal? Fuck my life, the depression was life fucking..valkor73 écrit: tramadol suks ballsDavid Garcia écrit: Tramadol is the Devil!Linda Gonzalez Deras écrit: I just seen this video.. I have cronic pain an very bad spasms I can barely walk I sleep in a recliner chair cuz I can't lay on my back anyhow I have tried every tipe of pain killers well the majority of them I'm allergic to well Dr put me on tramadol and it worked fine for my pain but the next day I woke up in the hospital my daughter said I had a very bad siezure worse then she had ever seen me have yes I suffer from siezures so they took me off of them so they tried Soma and it works great I have no side affects and I m able to move a little again we'll guess what Dr s quit writing me scripts for it because stupid people are abusing it an people like me who need it and don't abuse it get screwed. My question is their anything out there that I can take I have even tried all natural herbs like wild lettuce an other plants and nothing can you please give me some advice on what I can take and do. Thank you for taking your time to read this God bless you!!!!Just B écrit: Took 50 mg 2x day for nine years. Just stopped cause could not make the every 30 day req. No withdrawal – Now have wheel chair for in my house. and taking aspirin (lot) – back and knee pain unbearable most days.lucy bond écrit: Why is Tramadol not helping my arthritis pain ? I am so sleep deprived from waking up from pain all night long. I get up exhausted and only want to go back to bed to try to sleep. Day in day out all night long. I asked the Dr for just one Percocet each night because I KNOW Percocet works and I can sleep. But NOOOOOOOOO. I've never abused a prescription drug in my life. Broke my collarbone last October and was put on Percocet. It did help with the collarbone pain a little but stopped my arthritis pain and I was taking them very sparingly. Did not want to go through the gastro intestinal consequences so took only one every 4 to 6 hours when I could have taken 2. The point is Percocet WORKS ! Tramadol DOESN'T ! So WE who are suffering are reaping the consequences of the addicts that are buying them illegally, selling them illegally, and taking them illegally.SLUM BOXING écrit: Idk about u guys in terms of sleep… but 1 hr of sleep for me feels like I slept 8hs I’d stay awake relax take a 30 min nap which feels like hours so on and forth… I don’t get how most ppl don’t get to sleep I ko in intervals on tremadol and get the best sleep on and off whilst still getting things done around the house… HOWEVER I have to constantly cycle off, at 6’0 230lbs idk if that’s the reason my tolerance is so high (up to 5 pills at once) is when I cycle back off… another thing as a downside if I don’t take a pill for nausea I’d get a hangover like vomiting and working out the next day my central nervous system derails me finishing a workout… some enlightenment will be appreciatedvincent insomnicide écrit: And what about ceiling effect!? It's like codeine! After the max dose is reached it doesn't work properly!Elaine Caudill écrit: These damn junkies are screwing it up for pain patients stop punishing the ppl need it every body dnt abuse that or hydrocodone they over do it it pisses me offComedy Mix écrit: Anyone wants this medicine reply hereKyBear écrit: Doc is sketchy afannoyed chef écrit: Last time I took 3 X 100mg tramadol in short time I was high as a kite. No feeling in the legs when walking from my friends house. And the warmth in the cheeks. Next day at work I was pale white and threw up and could piss. Codeine in the first times constipated, but not anymore. I have had nerve issues in my back for over 10 years. I need to have a week or a two a year on the opioids usually, then taper of and try to go with paracetamol.Dima Kachurin écrit: Took severe pain away. Hand and neck arthritis. Take with 2 Tylenol or ibuprofen every other dose for best relief. Brand name ultram 50 mg every 5-6 hrs if needed. For me, took most pain away! Better than vicodin and not sure why but so happy I have it. Cons: occasional nausea and big time constipation-take with laxative or colace. I started pill slowly- two 25mg per day over period of a week and worked up to 50 3 x per day over 3 weeks. I bought tramadol Maybe my review will help somebody)Dawn Hickman écrit: It does not work and makes me sick. It makes me constipated Doctor won't take me off of it.WifiGranny L. écrit: Don't take this drug! My husband almost died from it. It stopped his breathing and messed up his heartbeat!Jerry Stanger écrit: It is critical for R L S!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stephen Hand écrit: these sharks are full of SHITvalerie Nightshade écrit: Tramadol belongs in the dump. It’s garbage don’t take it. Any doctors that prescribe it should ashamed. It’s addictive and it can give people seizures and it does all the time. You can stop your breathing. But seizures should be enough to stop anyone from taking it.A2 écrit: I've been taking Tramadol for 17 yrs recreationally, what is the long term, possibly irreversible consequence at this point?Дмитрий Качурин écrit: Tramadol the best!Steven Fogerty écrit: Doctor my arse, a fucking chemist embarrassed o be pretending to be a medical doctor. You Merikans are hopeless.Ridge Tueros écrit: Tramadol has such bad withdrawal you can't comfortably cut back on the medication. The bad withdraws also make you want to take more. Plus the lack of pain control. Dr's can't do their jobs anymore due to those that get high off the medications that really work for pain control. Leaving us patients with these bad drugs as our only option.sadia ashraf écrit: Is tramal safe in first and second trimester of pregnancyhelen randell écrit: tramadol to make you tremble , then you go back to your GP for shaking your brains too much and the beat goes on and on and onParnate écrit: The hired so-called doctor has no idea what Serotonin Toxicity (Serotonin Syndrome) is.Parnate écrit: Tramadol by itself cannot cause dangerous levels of Serotonin, aka Serotonin Syndrome, nor can it in conjunction with other drugs of the same mechanism of action. Look at any and every well-cited journal article in THE LAST 20 YEARS. You have not and NEVER WILL win ANY case based on Serotonin Syndrome by Tramadol. Never. Ever.Parnate écrit: 0:27 Matt Hamilton is, per his own words, "a trial error attorney, specializing in victims".Native valleyboy écrit: You can get it from a dentist toNative valleyboy écrit: Guy on right looks like hawkeye lolSpiritdove écrit: cant imagine taking 8 a day.. 2 knocks me out and now its causing me adverse side effects.. nightmares,,exploding headaches.. depression.. you name it.. i even think its causing my bladder painAnthony P écrit: I'm afraid to take ultra 50mg I was prescribed for break through pain while I'm already taking 15mg morphine extended release lyrics 2 times a day. Do you think it's safejonson écrit: Doctor please I took tramadol by mistake one tablet 100 and feeling dizzy and has shaving in my parts how can I recover from that pleaseMarilyn écrit: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$J &S écrit: Interesting info, but I hate ambulance chasing scum bag attorneys…………Dave Crosland écrit: this is the worst video on yootoobRóbert Bendík écrit: hi from slovakia, i was addicted to tramadol 8years ..i started abusing it when i was 17 …there was 3year period when i was taking …not joking …2+ fucking grams daily with combinations with weed, synthetic weed, dextromethorphan benzos meth and alcohol …i have had 8epileptic seizures because of very high dose 1500-2500 mg daily …for some people like me it can be a miracle drug and more euphoric than other opiates …it is not just an opioid which binding to mu,kappa and delta opi. receptors… it is a strange molecule which binds randomly to receptors…it is also serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor / serotonin releaser as well ..nmda antagonist, (alpha7)5-nachrs antagonist, 5ht2c receptor antagonist ,M1/ M3 machrs antagonist, TRPV1 agonist, and it has active metabolites as well ..the major one .. O-desmethyltramadol is more potent and longer acting and playing role on the total effect of the drug …from my experience.. i dont recomend to take it ewery day, dont let the tolerance to get you! ..for some people it can be more euphoric than other opiates, be careful and dont do what i was doing …if you combine it with MAO inhibitors you can go easily straight to the grave. ..use it but do not abuse it please….peace !

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