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Diazepam and how it works.

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Diazepam and how it works. \n\nin this video I show you how diazepam works, and I also talk about my own experience with taking it. I cover the subjects of: taking it daily, side effects, and whether I find it addictive or not. \n\nI was prescribed diazepam last year to help me deal with flashbacks and intense anxiety. I talk openly about the benefits of being on a benzo. \n\nVideos about Valium AKA Diazepam you should watch:\n\n1- you need subtitles on to watch this as its not in english: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e1u5zu9G0o \n2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGaPuFETN8k \n3- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8PkVElJV8s \n\nPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/LifeWithLydia?alert=2\n\nNEW BOOK KINDLE AND PAPERBACK: https://amzn.to/2Q5iuOY\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\nSupport Me:\n- One time payment: PayPal.Me/LydiaCWilliams\n- Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LifeWithLydia?alert=2\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\nSocial media links\nTwitter: https://twitter.com/lifewithlydia\nFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/LifeWithLydiaOfficial/\nInstagram: life_with_lydiaofficial\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\nMy Equipment\n\nBig Camera: http://amzn.to/2jLAf8Y\nLens for the big camera: http://amzn.to/2lWYQsP\nVlogging Camera: http://amzn.to/2jeYZ8J\nMicrophone: https: http://amzn.to/2jf5zMu\nBendy Tripod: http://amzn.to/2jLyQiL\nNormal Tripod: http://amzn.to/2jLyYPh\nLittle light for big camera: http://amzn.to/2jeQH0r\nLighting Kit: http://amzn.to/2jf0AuV\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\nDiscount Codes for you Guys!\n\nGet A Free Trial of Audible: http://amzn.to/2k70qXm\nAir bnb discount code: www.airbnb.co.uk/c/lydiaw3367\nUber code: lydiaw1627ue\nDeliveroo (get £5 free!) roo.it/lydiaw-qvs3\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Marios Apostolou écrit: Are the benzodiazepines your taking are the 2 mgCharles O’Donnell écrit: You have a good soul and spirit. 🙂 I love your voice. I feel like I new you my whole life. It's like I was ment to watch your videos. 🙂 pure nice peace.Charles O’Donnell écrit: I love when you say I feel like a jelly. 🙂 lol <3 your awesome.Charles O’Donnell écrit: I feel the same way as you. 🙂 your awesome. Pure calm peace to you. Stay safe.Michael B écrit: What was your beginner dose?Dan uk écrit: You seem like a nice decent woman..been on it for a year or so now when my dad died gf cheated all in 1 week..I'm starting to think it's been adhd all along and I used diazepam to help with it..I used to be pretty cool sesh with mates etc. And now I don't want vals anymore, it's a nice chill and without them I would of been in a fcking trainwreck but I miss of having a social life, at 27 I'm now accepting I got anxiety or adhd symptoms I have for a long time but I miss that fun side i used to have..i love a val high but its not potent its more like a comfy chair in a horrible world..personally I don't think I'm addicted or could be to vals but there are times where I find them so helpful..you seem like a smart girl..nice videoAdam Steel écrit: So do these makes you high, like if I take 3 what happens?Chris Farley Ryan écrit: For me these tablets work at the begining but after awhile my body rejects them.Ywar jan palod écrit: I can use diazepam in very very high doses daily for 2 months and quite without any problems.Dean Roper écrit: Valium to me works but only for a short time, my body builds up a tolerance to it to fast but I enjoy taking it but hate the effects of addiction it can have. So I stop taking it for a few weeks then start n stop.Joshua Harrington écrit: Good videoharv7s tralosik écrit: LOL i can relate to that pill getting stuck in throat so i drink so much water because i thought its stuckAccurate Ammon Wells écrit: Very honest and good video, I know what you mean and how you feel about Valium. Thanx for being Brave, We need more people like you!!!!Joan Applewhite écrit: Does it increase your pulse and reduce blood pressure?luttrell1973 écrit: Can I ask what dose you are on, I've just been prescribed diazepam to calm my nerves prior to an interview as I'm really suffering from anxietyMuTed CapTain écrit: You seem like someone I would be good friends withCute and Fluffy Pikachu écrit: My ex partner was controlling an wouldnt let me take it even that helped it so much an even thou we aren’t together now I’m still scared to take it but it helped so much when I used to take it but now my anxiety is out of control now do I take it again ��������adarsh mandaiya écrit: Hello i am from india please consider me better drug medicine compare as lyrica peragablin 300 mgLFlo 95 écrit: Hi my name is Lydia and I’m prescribed diazepam as well �� glad it helps you, it helps me.Anne Wellman écrit: I feel like that valium gets stuck in the back of my throatCHERYL MUA écrit: Thanks for sharing hun. I’ve just had a panic attack in Asda and I felt so bad I thought I was dying could not breath talk or walk and a member of public helped me outside to sit down but no first aider which is disgusting but doctor put me on this tablet I just hadLars Kvestad écrit: screw on the cap, please, im getting paraboid.Shane David écrit: Thank you for this, I just started diazapam today for my ibs. I dont want to be on this forever, but yes it helps me as adivan did. I hope your days run smoothly ♡Toby assistance dog in training gemma écrit: I take diazepam as an when I need it.Jarod6352 écrit: Hey how many does you’re doctor prescribe you per month ? I’m based in the UK and have been on it for about 18 monthsTim Summers écrit: Thanks for sharing your experience. I know the feeling of being on this thing but people should be aware that feeling anxious is normal and everyone will have some degree of anxiety throughout their lives. If your anxiety is taking too much of you though, do see a doctor and he/she will decide whether or not you need Diazepam.Jamie Mackay écrit: It's so hard coming off and you will build a tolerance. I've been on & off 4 4years and going off occasionally I cannot function, my nerves r shot, walk into things, cant speak properly, agonizing body pain.
It's all fine n helps till it doesnt. Still taking them, dunno how I'm gunna get off or get to where I wanna b. Benzos have helped but honestly I wish I never started n tried juicing or hypnotherapy or something. Definitely addictive! I currently go way over my prescribed dose n then suffer weeks without it, it's a nightmare!Island RAW écrit: How many milligrams are you on per day? Keep strong..Ian Honour écrit: No idea how you feel 4mg at all. I need 10mg bare minimum.Crypto Chartist Fxhardrightedge écrit: Exactly how I feel!! Great vid lady!Ryan Wheeler écrit: I would highly recommend NOT taking Valium every day. Thats a sure road to destroying your brain.Rebel Irish écrit: The brand you're using is by far one of the worst request TEVA brand you will feel a huge differenceSoumaya Sammie écrit: It made me super dizzy I didn't know if I should call my doctor and ask to try something else.Cdo Nelson écrit: You need get a grip. Go join a gym, go and walk.
Stop drinking fizzy drinks, eat healthy foods. Stop living in your bedroom. Get up and get motivated!
This is coming from someone in a similar circumstance as you. I was on everything including heroin and crack.
I’m now serving my 9th year within the British Army. Completely clean, loving the fresh air.
Seriously you need to change your whole life style. I feeel for you as you see drugs as a cure or help when infact its what is actually ruining life.
It’s a hard circle to get out of. You just need to realise this.
All the bestPolyMatrix écrit: Try DMT, it’s life changing & not addictingIfa Tizer écrit: This is so helpful! I’m so freaked out about taking diazepam to help. The anxiety is ruling my life so need help to feel confident to take it. Do the effect of it feeling like jelly make your anxiety worse?Ben P écrit: how did you get it prescribed frequently. I thought in the UK. and my experience doctors can only prescribe 2 weeks worth?fdr écrit: Jesus Christ can take away your fear and your stress, call HIM in your life nad you will see.
Ask HIM to fill you up with His Holy Spirit.Zap Bunny écrit: @1:27 Dr pepper.. meet dr diazapam

How do you doBenny Lava écrit: Tried once before….hated it. �� lol.Saif G écrit: Great info i like that u take it with dr pepper does it help? ��Rhys Walters écrit: Were the same with the anxiety and everything. They are going to prescribe diazepam later today I'm just glad there finally helping me and it's good to know I'm not alone especially with the part about not leaving your room, loved the vid keep it up!sebastian langley écrit: got given this today and wanted to see others experiences before taking. So thank you.Obras Ecosys écrit: Hi, i loved your video. Thxscott fĺetcher écrit: Benzos are not a long term solution for any type of mental health condition. You become addicted without realising and no decent doctor will keep you on them long term. Dont fall into the trap of thinking they are a cure.Jessie rae écrit: Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the med!

I was on klonopin for years until may of last year until teva who manufactured it changed the ingredients in it.. ive tried alot of others benzos since then ( i have alot of untaken meds in my closet bc of them not being effective ) ive been on valium since August of 2018..
Ive found with valium its more beneficial if i take it every day..
I am currently on 6mg at once at night for panic attacks..
Ive noticed when i take it, it takes about 30 or more minutes to be active in my system..Believe écrit: Loving how your making videos nowdj5urty7uyghyughyg7git98tiguit7 écrit: You are way to pretty to have any mental illness. just be happy its really not that hard.Megz W écrit: Nice video 🙂 This has nothing to do with Diazepam, but they've mentioned a CPA meeting. I was wondering if you could either briefly explain how your one went or make a video on it? Thanks! xMiss Dee écrit: Hey luv, came over from Small YouTube Army group on Facebook. Have liked and subscribed. Would love the support on my channel. You are very cool for coming on camera and explaining all of this. This topic is so foreign to me, so it is very informative. ��Beatuzic – Piano Covers écrit: Thanks for the information and bringing awareness about itEric B Zink écrit: Great video and brining awareness! Xanax to me is a life saver and we cannot be afraid of the medication that helps us function as normal as possible. Thankfully it’s ok to be not ok.BunnyLoveBooks écrit: I’d love to see a video about all the meds you were on, why and how they personally affective you or if they even worked! I’m currently on no medication, the only thing I was on was amytripteline for my depression/ stress headaches I was getting. I have bpd myself and really struggle sometimes with it all really but I heard that there is no medication that can help with it but not too sureKem’s World écrit: Thanks for this info ��APNTV écrit: Thanks for the info Lydia.Andrew Egerton écrit: I was taken off it due to it being addictive they increased my pregabalin instead. And now it's not working wanna be back on diazepam

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