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Klonopin belongs in the family of the benzodiazepines which includes the related Xanax, Valium / diazepam and Ativan / lorazepam. Klonopin acts as a sedative / hypnotic, anti-convulsant, muscle relaxant and relieves anxiety. Although FDA approved in 1975, Klonopin remains among the 50 most frequently used medicines with more than 18 million prescriptions each year.\n\nWhile Klonopin improves partial seizures either alone or in addition to other therapy, it often loses its anti-seizure effects within several months. Boosting the dose may regain control.\n\nKlonopin finds most use as a treatment for panic attacks. This disorder affects nearly 3% of adults while remaining undiagnosed in as many as 40% of those suffering from the often disabling symptoms. Although Klonopin reduces the frequency of attacks, it rarely eliminates them. \n\nOff-label use of Klonopin remains extensive as treatment for anxiety, mania, social anxiety disorder, insomnia and fibromyalgia. Monthly cost varies between about $10-$45.

Gamer Jonathan écrit: What are the adverse effects of klonopinPopy Debnath écrit: I take clonazepam from eight years i can i avoid the drugs also a diabetes patientDiane lindenberger écrit: Does klonopin cause blurred vision??Ebrahim M. écrit: If I take a doze of 0 25mg alternate night for insomnia it works. But trying to stop it is difficult. Whether if keep such doze whether has any side effects in futuresunpits écrit: Well, I used it 0.5 mg regularly, every night for 3 years and when I quit, it was like hell for the first 3 weeks. The following 2 months I didn't realize if I was alive or not. Then gradually you get used to living without it. Saves your life when necessary but very addictive stuff on prolonged use. It can easily seize your soul without you realize and weaning off of it is painful.Caleb Thomas écrit: I take 1mg roughly forty-five minutes before I go inside the grocery store. Klonopin allows me to be able to carefully select all of the wonderful foods I want without having an urge to run the slow people over with my shopping cart…_BLeW_ A_FuSe_ écrit: Drugs are bad unless some pill pushing lowlife drugs ya on this RIP out away and destroy your fucking brain permanently disrupting the neurons fuck all of you fucking lowlife who think you know something you.dont know shit about benzos !!!!Medhead101 écrit: What if you start at a higher dose for anxiety/panic such as 1mg three times daily and taking clozapine as well?Diane lindenberger écrit: Can you take benadryl with klonopin…….I am tapering …but can't sleep all night…….and can you take melatonin with it?nicolesfunworld écrit: Doc your the man!Peter McGlothin écrit: What about the side effect of night sweats?Douglas Bull écrit: i thought he was a puppet when he first spoke.i love benzos specially w alcoholic beverages.or take a Xanax bar and smoke some herb lay back pop in tool and let it take youBlair Sterling écrit: Klonopin helped me sleep and controlled my little seizures. I have taken it for 25 years. !! I had to gradually up the dose through the years, from 1mg at night up to 4 mg at night. The drug is VERY VERY addictive. Very difficult to ween off. Almost impossible. Very very physically addictive. I needed sleep so badly, and the drug helped. For years it helped me function, but never at my best or highest level.
25 years.. !!! I have been in a horrifying taper program for almost two years….the taper may take 5 to ten years, or more. !!!!! Only Xanax and Ativan are more addictive.Chris Lemaster écrit: I get 90 a wonth with no coupons at a mom and pop pharmacy (Sherman''s Pharancay for prices is 9.22-12.00 for ..05 mg.Shannon Elisha écrit: Could you explain how benzos work as mast cell stabilizers? Thank you ��Mister Tibbs écrit: been taking 20 years…….ended all my suffering….. new life……a few times over the years i went a day and a half without any……..i cant even describe the feelings…..crying, shaking, thoughts of sheer dread ,,,,suicidal…….is this what heroin addicts go through? i read keith richards book and he mentioned shitting and pissing urself…geezAlexandre Alves écrit: Don't use klonopin or any clonazepam drug.
I first start using it when I was 23 yrs old
I'm 39 now and my day start whith 2 ,2mg pill to function.
Just fucking sad,whish I had the time and money to get clean!
But I'm to deep on the social phobia and whth no motivation at all.Ryan Conaway écrit: Love your videos.CATBOYKAMI écrit: UR TEETH DUDE WTFQuijie écrit: This video would probably have many more views if the setting of the video, vibe, and backdrop was changed up a little bit to relate to the the majority of the population on you tube. No need to change your personality from what Iv seen it looks like you have good character. Great information in this video, keep it up!Rachel écrit: Dr. Landow is a Dermatologist from Las Vegas, Nevada.Dino Bussanich écrit: I have been on klonopin for over 28 years and last year my doctor took me off of them. He told me there are way too addictive and im on recovery from drugs and alcohol. I've been sober for 9 months now and would love to go back on klonopin for my serious anxiety disorder. When im on this drug i feel great with no phobias or depression. I will find another doctor so i could get back on it. I definitely recommend it for those who have serious panic attacks. It does not have too many side effects.Mikey Stec écrit: Mylan helped me out they got rid of it I was pissedMikey Stec écrit: Accord generic is a garbage KlonopinMark Cotton écrit: Hahahaha funny voice.Jay écrit: I am in need of Klonopin, I am unable to be around people without shaking and having to leave. I could get through these episodes –
However I am in the Bible belt I guess, Wichita KS. I have no health insurance, I am living in someone else's house, and the low income clinic said they have a policy of not prescribing benzos. I have no regular doctor to refere me someone to prescribe them.
I can take drug tests all day
long…If I am left unable to work and my disability application is refused..I will not let this b.s. have me on the streets or in some shelter..Lehigh Valley Dave écrit: whats a good dose if your 6'5 250lbs??Boombox Boy écrit: I wonder if the all the people who made positive comments on this video who have been taking benzos for years know that you are only supposed to take them for 10-14 days max.Hikari Ultra260 écrit: Xanax 4mg a day w 2 mg of klonopin are awesome together. But it’s damn near impossible to get both together unless you get a Dr that really listens to you.michael hernandez écrit: very good medicineOreElect1 écrit: https://w-bad.org/the_audiophiles écrit: well, I woke up at 39 with epilepsy AND a shatter left and right shoulder (9 broken bones) also both elbows and shoulders dislocated, exploded my right bicep, tore all the tendons off my left shoulder…this happened as two separate events IN MY SLEEP. 3 operations later I have been put a several meds to help with my seizures – KLONOPIN is one of them ….. any advice community?the_audiophiles écrit: brilliantKazimierz Wróbel écrit: I suffered extreme agoraphobia for years in my teens. In combination with other mood disorder drugs, this made my life much more liveable. I have been taking it daily for 17 years. It affords me freedoms that I never knew prior to my early twenties. I just feel normalnicolesfunworld écrit: Your awesome…..!!!!The Toilet Police écrit: I was on Klonopin for 19 years, and then suddenly mental health decides to take it away from me. I was functioning fine. Then came the withdrawal, and they refused to give me anything else for substitute. It was hell, complete utter hell. Now I'm on zoloft and gabapentin. It does help-a little, but nothing was as effective as klonopin for me.Vicky écrit: I've cold turkeyed of Oxycontin 80 mg a day after 15 months and that was HELL. I quit any benzo just like that and no problem except maybe some rebound anxiety for a week or so. Benzos can be taken long term and in a correct way, and if one does so, they can be an absolute life saver! I take 2mg three times a day and they saved my life. Now I can function and go into town, and do my daily life without fear, paranoia, overthinking what others think of me, always on edge, panic attacks bla bla bla which is why I take 1-2 mg of Xanax when that happens. STOP bashing benzos and take them responsibly and as perscribed and you'll be fine. 🙂 Peace out!Grayson Guice écrit: Take klonopin no more than twice a week low dose and it works like a fucking charm. Its a no brainer to not take it every day, that's when it becomes the devils pill.Susana kalho écrit: Is so clear like water �� love you Doc��817 TEXAS LOTTERY SCRATCH OFFS écrit: This pill works good for anxiety and insomnia for me A ++++++K.R. Hoffman écrit: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpbsQhy0hlaSXuXPk4SkJGRoqLmVlhgFOC.S. Froggis écrit: If you want a chemical lobotomy, disconnection from loved ones, and a near guarantee of dimentia later on with a withdrawal harder than getting off heroin, by all means trust your doctor who gets a huge kick back and take this pill.ChRiStinA HaLe écrit: Thank you !!Frank James Bonarrigo écrit: Withdrawal on klonopin is no jokeDONALD1951 écrit: Panic attacks are terrible.Daniel Chris écrit: Tired of these fucking doctors …who the fuck cares if the med works.F M écrit: What exactly is the right medicine? All seem crazyDino Bussanich écrit: I was on klonopin for 28 years and my doctor took me off them 11 months ago. Honestly I still cant function without them. So that's why I would love to go back on them. I did not experience too many withdrawals. I guess I was just lucky. However these meds are very addictive.Brooke Nelson écrit: hello, could you make a video speaking about GAD overall as a disorder? i see your other informational videos on illnesses and i think it would help alot of people understand if they may have it. thank you!D écrit: Just started EDMR therapy with klonopinDick Grantberg écrit: This guy is awesome. The other Klonopin reviews make me cringe with their methods and conclusions.

This guy is the man. Knows his stuff.Deborah Hatcher écrit: I think Klonopin is today's Flunitrzepam, they say klonopin and Xanax are equal in potency I beg to differ, I do honesty think klonopin just maybe about 0 .5 more potent than alprazolam…, I've been on both on and off for 20 years and I'm only 36 years old….Good Vibes écrit: Honestly, take as prescribed and reduce the dose over a long period. Once this realization is made and you commit to this serious drug you can treat the whole experience like taking any other medicine. You just have to be careful because benzos demand a slow taper. It can help others like myself and really be life-saving as I've seen in others.Kevin Scalzo écrit: I see so many people beating on this doctor for the silliest things… All the Doctor is doing is simply explaining the drug facts based on data. This is what doctor's do.. and he may be a different type of doctor (meaning somebody else said he is a dermatologist I think) that's fine!.. does not mean he doesn't know his stuff. Because I would say obviously… He does… I just didn't like that ppl were bashing this guy it seemed like and all he is trying to do is inform the public of a very serious medication. Anyways.. thanks doc for the info.. look forward to watching some more stuff.Christina Briggs écrit: this is the only thing that helps me, these semi-tranquilizers are perfect for me. slows me down just enough to feel normal while also dosent make me feel like i’m on drugs❤️❤️❤️curt greco écrit: He's a dermatologist? I thought he was a doctor of medicine andGuinea54 écrit: Honestly the side effects of this medication and other Benzo's seem a lot less than even SSRI's. I think the main problem with these medications is the addiction and especially substance abuse.. But what about those people who don't abuse it or use it sparingly.. There are some people who take a low dose for decades and it works for them. Someone wrote an article once that if used properly and for people with real anxiety/panic disorder who aren't substance abusers, the benzo's work the best with the least side effects.. I wonder if the doctor would comment on this.gopedjohn1 écrit: Klonopin is a nightmaregopedjohn1 écrit: I was on 8 mg before bed time for bad dreams doctor lower my dosage to 3 .5 now I’m in bad shape I’m having a hard time to get off them I wish I never took them still have bad dreamsRonny Clayton écrit: I've been on 6mg klonopin daily for over 10 years for seizures(they just kept raising it until the seizure activity stopped).plus 90mg morphine for chronic pain which their trying to change to 16 mg Subutex for chronic pain.Anyways running out of klonopin isn't near as bad of a withdrawal as running out of the narcotic painkillers because absence of Klonopin doesn't cause me not to be able to sleep or eat where running out of the narcotic can cause me to not sleep or eat for up to 10 days.but the doctors say I will probably be on both the rest of my life along with clonidine to treat my life treating blood pressure along with cardiomegaly (enlarged heart).Psychic Kumquat écrit: I recently had a severe breakdown over tinnitus (have long had OCD), and got myself into such a horrific anxiety loop that I went to the ER. My APRN prescribed this for me to bridge the gap while my SSRI increase kicks in, and its been a miracle. It's very much helped me break that vicious anxiety loop and helped me feel a lot more normal. I've only taken it a couple times, and even with it clearly worn off, I feel a lot more stable. The ear ringing isn't frightening me as much, and I feel much more hopeful about getting better. Dont plan on being on it long, but for the short time I have, it's been a godsend.Dino Bussanich écrit: I've been on klonopin for 28 years and my doctor took me off it 7 months ago because im a recovering drug addict. Now im on lamictal, effexor, gabapentin, and suboxone. I have a serious anxiety disorder and i wish i can go back on the klonopin.Gary Simone écrit: Wonder if the good Dr ever looked over Benzo buddies on the webkali tarot écrit: This is an example of the perfect pusher. Thais drug works for everyone.Natural-HI écrit: Shame on you MDs for passing these dangerous drugs like candy! You ALL should be held accountable for your actions and killing your patients. Whatever ever happened to, First Do No Harm.?” Shame on you and Big Pharma!Natural-HI écrit: Pharmaceutical Drugs eventually…KILLS!Jeff Galaska écrit: This is the HARDEST med to come off of. It can take yrs to feel well after takin this for any length of time. The wd is horrendous. Stuff should be bannedS Czarnecki écrit: Great and comprehensive explanation. Seems like a good doctor.Thomas Rehder écrit: Killing people with this drugHazelt Barahona écrit: Can you do one on Vyvanse Doc?Sherry Butler écrit: Thankyou for these videos. I take klonopin twice a day and I'm scared to get AlzheimeraRobert Lewis écrit: SSRIs did NOTHING for my anxiety. Everyone is different, but they didn't help me. Benzos help, but they are highly addictive. Then again, SSRIs have withdrawal symptoms when coming off, too.

I'd rather have the benzos. Lyrica can be pretty helpful, too. And phenibut. All risky drugs, but at least they're powerful. You just need to be careful with how you use them and know that most people need to taper off them instead of cold-turkey.Jeffrey Gabel écrit: I love you videosThe Greek Pianist écrit: I’ve been using Klonopin for a year and it’s improved my life. Unlike Xanax or Ativan, Klonopin is much longer and smoother-acting. It doesn’t hit you hard and leave you. It builds up in your system over time to help anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, etc. It’s also great for my muscle spasms and muscle pain. It’s not nearly anywhere as addictive as other benzodiazepines. I stopped taking it for 2 weeks and had no withdrawal symptoms. Just take it as needed, as prescribed, and responsibly, and you’ll be fine! ����Ronald Perez écrit: If you want all the negative effects of any drug he's the manAngel Lee écrit: So tired o f thisNicholas Borden écrit: So if one is diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Panic disorder then its probably not good due too the Depressive effects?Boombox Boy écrit: This drug has made my life much harder, even after fifteen months off it. It has brought on a level of mental torment I never thought possible.Dennis Bolanos écrit: Doctor, could you consider making a video about methylphenidate?Archangel Michael écrit: Very informative DrMy2 Loves écrit: Can you heal from being prescribed and using this medication?ZZK écrit: I've been on mostly SSRI's for 10 years….This is the only drug that was able to stop a panic attack dead in it's tracks. Been on it for about a year. The benefit outweighs the risks in my opinion. Anti-psychotics are far more dangerous from my experience. Abilify made everything far worse for me.. to the point where I was close to having myself committed to a mental hospital.Aya écrit: Worsen my anxiety over time, terrible drug.

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