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tramadol 50mg teblet in Hindi review | Tramadole Teblet uses, dose & side effects in Hindi |

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tramadol 50mg teblet uses in Hindi \n\nTramadol HYDROCHLORIDE Medicine information in Hindi\n\n \nUses,,,, \ntramadol 50 MG Tablet DT is used to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain.\nContramal 50 MG Tablet DT is used to relieve long term pain. The extended-release form is used in cases where round the clock relief is desired.\n\n\nside Effects\n\nMajor \u0026 minor side effects for Contramal 50 MG Tablet DT..\n\n1.constipation\n2.nausea or Vomiting\n3.dizziness\n4.sense of Imbalance\n5.headache\n6.sleepiness\n7.Agitation and anxiety\n8.indigestion\n9.convulsions\n10.irregular Heartbeat…\n\n\n\n\n\nHindi me medicina jankari\\n\n#tramadol\n#medicineHindichannel \n#contrmalteblet\n#Tramadoleuses \n#Contramal50mg \n\ncontrmal teblet\nDose.. Please consult your doctor.. \n\n\nThanks for watching MDR YOUTUBE CHANNNEL \n\nPlease subscribe my YouTube channel

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