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Medication spotlight on Co-codamol

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Sharing my experiences of various medications. This one is on Co-codamol and involves poo or a lack thereof and icky stuff like that. I did warn you I was going to be open and honest.\nIf you have any questions or want to share your experiences then please get in touch.\

Imam Yahaya Aminu écrit: Is co-codamol safe for pregnancy pain?thisisbob1001 écrit: My Doc suggested I take 1 cocodamol and paracetamol instead of 2 cocodamol.Adam Ioan écrit: nustiu ce vrei sa zici dar ,,,esti ,,,,okMark Mcgeary écrit: Yeah these tablets are crazy for that, I come on an of them so for weeks I dont move then I’m sitting for hours ��Tom Dewsbury écrit: I get ibs so co codomol does me wonders ..once every 3 days is just fine �� ..started eating fruit instead of biscuits so this probably helps toSaziitats écrit: I adore you and your very honest. The music was distracting g and the cocodomol thing was distracting… I hope your doing well I have fibromyalgia and ME so I know how ure feeling xxoptimus Gamer écrit: Im here because ive been on cocodamol three weeks today and the constipation is crazy ive literally swallowed two litres of orange juice to shift it its crazykmanicon1 écrit: cool video. fair play for having the nerve to do this. I'm on this med now and great advice to ween off it thanks

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