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THIS VIDEO IS OF ALMOST ALL THE 2-WAY BUILDS IN THE GAME OF NBA 2K20. I FOUND A FEW MORE RAREST BUILDS THAT NO ONE HAS DISCOVERED YET. IF YOU TAKE ONE OF THEM FOR A VIDEO JUST SHOW ME SOME LOVE THATS ALL. CHECK OUT ALL MY OTHER VIDEO WITH ALL THE OTHER DEMI GOD BUILDS FROM BEST CENTER BUILDS TO BEST GUARD BUILDS. AND I ALSO POST THE BEST JUMPSHOTS FOR NBA 2K20.\nLIKE\nCOMMENT\n\nSubscribe and turn on post notifications.\n\nINTRO MUSIC: \n\nKILLY- Killamonjaro\n\nMUSIC:\nLakey Inspired – Days Like These\nGLR Gusto-Codine Crazy\nGLR GUSTO-So Sweet\nT A L I B- Only Way\n\n\nWhen NBA 2K20 comes out I going to make the best builds, over powered builds, jumpshot videos, badge tutorials, VC glitches, and hit 99(top rep).\n\nFollow my twitch:\n\nnba 2k20,nba 2k,nba 2k20 badges,nba 2k20 best build,nba 2k20 best archetype,nba 2k20 fast way to rep up,nba 2k20 new,nba 2k20 news,nba 2k20 info,nba 2k20 today,nba 2k20 video,nba 2k20 cover,nba 2k20 leaked,nba 2k20 overall,nba 2k20 athlete,nba 2k20 ratings,nba 2k20 trailer,nba 2k20 trialer,nba 2k19 jumpshot,nba 2k20 gameplay,danrue,nick and danrueMusic: nba 2k20,nba 2k20 best build,nba 2k19 best build,nba 2k20 gameplay,nba 2k19,nba 2k,nba 2k20 park,nba 2k20 demo,nba 2k20 best builds,nba 2k20 best jumpshot,nba 2k20 my career,nba 2k20 news,nba 2k20 best guard build,nba 2k20 build,best build in nba 2k20,point guard build 2k20,nba 2k20 best center build,michael jordan build on nba2k20,nba 2k20 leaks,nba 2k20 badges,nba 2k20 \nnba 2k20,nba 2k20 glitch,nba 2k20 gameplay,nba 2k20 news,nba 2k20 my career,nba 2k20 best

Ya Moms écrit: 0:16- 2-Way Slasher
0:45- 2-Way Inside-Out Playmaker
1:17- 2-Way 3pt Playmaker
1:48- 2-Way Stretch Four
2:16- 2-Way Sharpshooter
2:53- 2-Way Pass-First Point
3:21- 2-Way Shot Creator
3:55- 2-Way Pass-First Guard
4:24- 2-Way Scoring Machine
4:58- 2-Way Mid-Range Shooter
5:30- 2-Way Mid-Range Scorer
5:58- 2-Way Mid-Range Specialist
6:32- 2-Way 3pt Shot Creator
6:58- 2-Way Stretch Five
7:32- 2-Way 3-Level Scorer
8:05- All-Around 2-Way
8:38- 2-Way 3-Level Facilitator
9:09- 2-Way Post Playmaker
9:38- 2-Way Pass-First Wing
10:08- 2-Way 3pt Facilitator
10:38- 2-Way Inside-Out Scorer
11:12- 2-Way Playmaker
11:43- 2-Way Tempo PusherLuxio Bum écrit: Bro you can make such a better 2way scoring machineBRYSON PAYNE écrit: You missed 2 way scoring machine and 2 way midrange finsherShamon Feaster écrit: What is the song called at 6:10Kinsler 2k écrit: What about the 2-way ThreatOlufemi Bright écrit: I got an all around 2-way but I made him 5'9 to speedboost. Most fun build I havequin van uum écrit: U got a new subquin van uum écrit: Whats that first songNatsu Dragneel écrit: 2 way squad were y’all atNicholas Reynolds écrit: I have a 2way pass first wingKalludes écrit: thanks even tho im here 3 months lateiGotADriippy Shot écrit: 2-way finsherMatthew Minchin écrit: my tempo pushing wing got left out and it a 2 wayEzyMONEY Sway écrit: Nobody got my 2 way tempo at the 2 6’6Marcus Tucker écrit: I made a 2way playmaker with 87 driving dunk, 69 3pt, great playmaking, and great defense. He’s my favorite build to play onSheLuhBendy Tv écrit: 2 way 3 point shot creator?Xtiinc écrit: I have a 2-way 3pt facilitator
One of the most rare 2 waysKomman Centz écrit: Great video very helpful thank youTorey Ward écrit: Yo the playlist for this video is fire af bruhhRaja Rao écrit: Good vid idea, but holy shit, that codeine crazy remix was CHEEKSCipher GoCrazy-YT écrit: 2way sharpshooter is goated at 99Neimn Marcus_ écrit: 2 way Slashing Five ain’t telling nobodyRack Tv écrit: I seen a playmaker shot creator Wit lock takeoverDIM-_- écrit: 2-finisher is so goodDamion’s clone écrit: 2 way 3 point facilitator����acebdubog écrit: My 2 way pass first point had Luka similaritiesThe GOATEDBUUU écrit: 2 way mid range specialist be GOATEDJustin Bradley écrit: Wish it was a way to make the 2way inside out playmaker taller without sacrificing height.TooMuchSauce écrit: A 2 way offensive threat go crazyISOxWaterIvy écrit: Am I the only one that didn't see 2-way playmaking slasher?Sean Andres écrit: Two-way playmaker 3pt is missing.Van écrit: I have a 89 overall 2 way slashing playmaker, I've started to grind on that buildMajin DaGREAT écrit: Check out my 2way post playmaker I did it with hof play making and finishingMajin DaGREAT écrit: plz check out my 2way strecth 4 it the best n plz give me a shot out it get slashing take over it the best one hand down make this build. I did it this way firstiSnagOvA YEW écrit: 2 way 3pt playNoRevive écrit: yu gotta new sub . ��LouieTae écrit: The two way 3 level facilitator is deadly asf at 99.9, you can literally do everything efficientlyThe Wanted_DreYT écrit: This doesn’t have anything to do with the vid but I made a 6’7 3-level score SF and it’s pretty solid besides ball handling wich only gets 72 but you could probably find a way to make that better but I can hold guards because ima big body that’s harder to set screens in and the build can slash with a 81 driving dunk and a 80 3pt shot and 81 mid and it gets 16 slashing 20 shooting 17 playmaking and I only got 1 def lens ice but u could probably play with it and make it better but if your just starting I think it’s a easy build to start withKTFN écrit: I got 2 way peremiter lock downJay Jay écrit: Another two way that don’t say two way… the 3 & D Guard. The same as a two way 3 level scorer. The only difference is you gotta have 80 blocking and 80 three pointer as a guardIm Kyng écrit: shouldve let the instrumental playDom Diaz écrit: You forgot the 2 way 3pt shot creator gagohun écrit: Rebounding wing FTWBugsy Red écrit: ������������X Mygirlhate2kX écrit: Ya ass for copyin jah tv tattoos ��I Am Kayla écrit: I appreciate this cuz I was definitely thinking about making a 2 way guard or a PFKamar Skeete écrit: Your forgot my build a 2 way midrange maestrocakelyfe écrit: 2-way-3 level scorer ?Jebario Allums écrit: I made a sharp shooting paint beastpoloboy229 écrit: Didn't see my 2 way builds 2 way tempo & 2 way facilitatorBrigido Ramirez écrit: Have you built a offensive-minded wingGemini __ HML écrit: Wow I got a 2-Way 3 Level Scorer also but I made him 7'3 and he gets 8 defense and 5 playmaking, you could probably guess the rest of them 30 and 1.Blessed écrit: Hey retro what build do you think is good in your opinion for this game.ZayFrmChicago écrit: What if I told you you missed one and it’s a goated ass build omm I’m the only one who has itAlec Grzegorek écrit: i got a 2-way mid-range maestro j chillin my build creator saves lolThomas Kinsel écrit: You can make a 2 way playmaker out of the defense and shooting pie chartPerkys wrld écrit: And the background music is retros new solo release listen to it on SoundCloudPerkys wrld écrit: Hheeeeeeee songs heat ������Kel Odingard écrit: I don't care about no 2 way.

I'm a full Point forward.OTE Music Group écrit: FirstNo Retro écrit: I didn't want to add the 2-way slashing playmaker FYI and before you comment "these builds are azz", no one said they're the best in the game. Since the haters like to be philosophers with their opinion that they think is so important.Ishver EA écrit: First

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