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Scotland’s drugs crisis: Hundreds die every year from deadly 30p pills | ITV News

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More than 1,000 people have died from drugs in one year in Scotland for the first time – and the crisis is seemingly fuelled by a pill sold for less than a chocolate bar.\n\nWhile figures from England and Wales have stabilised in recent years, drug deaths have doubled in the past decade in Scotland and are accelerating.\n\nIn almost two thirds of these deaths, the sedative benzodiazepine was found in the bloodstream.\n\nThese so-called \ »Street Valiums\ » can be bought for just 30p per pill, even somewhere as crowded and busy as central Glasgow during rush hour.\n\nRead more:\n\n• Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: \n• Get breaking news and more stories at\n\nFollow ITV News on Facebook: \nFollow ITV News on Twitter: \nFollow ITV News on Instagram:

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