Lorazepam/Ativan Review!

la description:
In this video I talk about my anti-anxiety medication, Lorazepam also known as Ativan. It’s been incredibly helpful for me over the past five years and I wanted to share so others can know more about it!\n.\nThe first Tuesday of every month I’ll be uploading a new medication review video! And every Tuesday I’ll be discussing holistic modalities/life style adjustments to aid in the treatment of endometriosis, bipolar disorder, trichotillomania, depression, and anxiety!\n.\nI’m a certified yoga teacher, reiki master, holistic wellness coach, and sound guide specializing in chronic illness management! I believe in blending the best of Eastern healing modalities and Western medicine in order to live a balanced, stable, healthy, and empowering life.\n.\nTo learn more about me and the services I offer please visit my website: \n\n\n✨Socials✨\nIg:

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