association tramadol ibuprofene

association tramadol ibuprofene

CRPS Diagnosis & Management – RSDSA

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Dr. Pradeep Chopra presents at RSDSA’s Integrated Solutions for CRPS in Lafayette, LA. Dr. Chopra is a gifted pain specialist with a special interest in treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).\n\nTo learn more about complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), visit Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA)’s website at #RSDSA #CRPS #RSD

Tere W écrit: Excellent. .gratitude ever,..TheDimachaerus écrit: "Improved function" = existence. You can't do anything for this disease…not really. Do you want to exist, or live?Valerie Jewell écrit: Doctors don’t have a shitting clue, believe me… keep getting kick backs by Pig Pharma, docsjannamwatson écrit: Minute 30. Low dose naltrexone discussedTrevor Thomas écrit: What treatment works to cure or help ease the pain ?? So many people say i'm better after seeing Dr. Chopra but no one says what worked for them . My wife has crps and has tried lots of meds but none seem to really work . She's currently on Gabapentin and some other new one , sorry can't remember the name. If i'm understanding what crps is correctly , is it your nervous system miss firing ?Vape Girl écrit: I have recently diagnosed with CRPS, and the doctor at the first at pain clinic has asked me to start with instead of 400mg of prebanalin to increase to 600mg for the first 3 months and let him no if it is helping my hand (although now my body aches all over) and the Lyrica 'nope' the 600 doze no improvementecoroco écrit: I have CRPS for 6 years .I am japanese women.Thank you RSDSA and Dr. Chopra.Ramesh Mishra écrit: Hello Dr. Chopra. I am a CRPS sufferer… living in Delhi India..Could you kindly let me know if you do visit india. I want to visit you but can't afford to go to USA… Kindly tell me how can I contact you..Kevin Wofford écrit: Marcon écrit: Dr Chopra is so informative!!! I would like a copy of the handouts he referred to that go with this presentation. I've had CRPS for 2 and 1/2 years. I wish I had a Dr like Chopra in my area. I'm going to build a team!!Ern écrit: Caution: I have had RSD for 17 years. I can tell you this. The focus on "functionality is what insurance companies and Corporations WANT. What you will want is relief from suffering. Of course you want to function but if you word your reports of progress incorrectly, as they will lead you too, you will be taken off of insurance or SSI support. YOU MUST be careful of these doctors. If you report a pain reduction of less than 5 you will not qualify for disability insurance. They have several tricks to deal with you. One is to offer you intolerable amounts of physical therapy – you quit and you are in " non-compliance and disqualified. They may try you on greater and greater pain drugs until you say you are less then four. You loose there too. Be careful of how you say you are getting better. You pain can come back and you may have to spend 3 months to see a doctor again. Believe me, Your pain is what you say it is.They will try to tell you it is in your head In one way or another. They don't want to treat it. It is very expensive to deal with.firecatgreg écrit: Really enjoyed watching the video. I feel sorry for those of you who have RSD and wish you all the best. This had good information. My mom has something that is not perhaps as bad as severe RSD, but is kind of like CRPS. She has a bad, rare hot burning condition that is localized in the feet called burning foot syndrome. The symptoms and spreading of problems through her body are no where near as bad compared to RSD, but she has debilitating 10 level pain, and has had it for 14 years, unable to walk and exercise much. Walks 25 to 30 feet per day with great pain. Has a hot version, compared to some with colder neuropathy with less burning flares. Fights burning all the time, cold environment helps some, the chilling of the foot. Her pain is constant. Some of the CRPS criteria, perhaps as many as ten out of fifteen symptoms may be present in her symptoms, so she has rare neuropathic damage. Primary EM is even more rare. We can relate to mental health misdiagnosis others see.ja c écrit: they want to put a pain pump in me im scared to death this is a condition that is an was preventible what they did to me was unreal they put a contaminated graftjacket in my ankle wouldnt take it out four 8 months oya n of course im the first person to have this happen to they killed me my life n now want to put this pump in what should i do n who do i turn to i have 3 young boys n a wife for now im 36 its had it for almost five years now an at stage 3 any feed back would b more than appreciated thanks for the video an keep up the fight dont loose hope rsdersVlad Ziobriski écrit: I showed this video to  doctor here in Russia.  He has  following Dr. Chopra treatment and is started to help me.  I wish it  translated to Russian for everybody here to understand.George Nelson écrit: I watched this video again and again. Its so full of great information. Tom Cullins écrit: Excellent !!TheBigWWI écrit: Great vid, thank you! I noticed Dr. Chopra didn't discuss medical marijuana for treating pain and helping with sleep.  I have tried the majority of the drugs mentioned and currently use Gabapentin, Baclophen and LDN. Spasms and electrical bursts have reduced but pain remains very high and sleep has been impossible (1.5 hrs a nite). Depression, lethargy and inability to think properly or clearly (Brain Fog?) became debilitating.

I tried "pot pills" (pot cooked in coconut oil) and the first one allowed me to sleep for 7.5 hours.  I now take one pill about 2 hours before bedtime and I sleep a solid 8 hours each night. Brain fog and lethargy cleared by 50% but pain throughout the day continues and depression results.  At peak pain periods (rainy weather or hot days for example) I have tried smoking it and it does provide immediate 75% pain relief for a few hours but the resulting feeling (high?) makes me avoid smoking it except only during the worst peaks.

I will be trying the 2 week Ketamine protocol next month.  I am a Pastor and using pot is morally disconcerting but, it gives me sufficient relief and provides a great night sleep so, it should be tried where allowed by law… Don Mayer écrit: I never thought I would be able to walk again.  Dr. Chopra has made me understand more about my condition than any doctor I have met ( I have met a lot).  I have been treating with him for the last 1 year.  I can now walk without any crutches.  I have more good days. Clair Bradshaw écrit: He is brilliant.  I have never met anyone who so passionate about caring for his patients. Kelli L écrit: I live in UK.  I cannot find a doctor who even knows about CRPS.  I saw Dr. Chopra and he spent 3 hours with me.  His treatment has been so helpful.  I cannot find someone here to help me with some of the recommendations that Dr. Chopra made but I am better than where I was.  He is so kind, he gave me a lift to the hotel when the taxi did not come . Jessie Brooks écrit: Thank you for this lecture. I feel very informed now!!Llynnyia écrit: Thank you so much, RSDSA and Dr. Chopra! I was lucky enough after 4 years to find a wonderful lady Dr. who knew of RSD but is not well versed in it, so I just sent her this link!Hollie Bragg écrit: ARE YOU SERIOUS YOUR SAYING PAIN MEDS R WORSE FOR RSD!!! DR. CHOPRA R U NUTS? I THINK U R DEFINITEY!!! I WOULD HAVE TO KILL MYSELF WITHOUT HELP TO RELIEVE THE PAIN. IVE TRIED EVERYTHING OUT THERE FOR MY RSD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. I GUESS PEOPLE THAT HAVE SURGEWRY SHOULDNT HAVE ANESTESIA EITHER LOL!!! YOUR A MOCKERY TO THIS DISEASE AND I DONT CARE IF U WENT TO Harvard. I guess u need the disease bfor u will no anything!!!Great Days Ahead écrit: I wish he was in Iowa Dr. Chopra call your people contact me ?Donald Flaherty écrit: I wish my doctor would watch this. He could learn something from this. He is interested in putting a spinal cord stimulator  in me and giving me narcotics. Stacey Harris écrit: I saw Dr. Chopra's speech when he accepted the Schwartz Award for Compassionate care. It brought tears to my eyes.  His advise to me (even though) I am not his patient has helped me tremendously. My family and I thank this kind doctor with all our heart. John Montgomery écrit: I have been researching CRPS for many years.  My daughter has CRPS.  This is the best and most comprehensive information I have ever seen. Thank you, Dr. Pradeep ChopraMuriel Cotter écrit: I took my daughter to Boston Children's hospital for CRPS.  They were so cruel to her. When her pain became worse they told her it was in her head.  I took her to see Dr. Chopra on the recommendation of a friend. I am so glad I did.. Dr. Chopra is very compassionate.  We were with him for 4 hours. My daughter trusts him and no other doctor to help her. She now walks without a crutches and will be graduating next year.  He is such a kind doctor.  Donna Klein écrit: Awesome video.  Thank youJohn Allen écrit: He is such a brilliant and compassionate doctor.  I saw him 3 years ago. He spent 4 hours with me and my wife going over every single detail.  No doctor has taken the time to examine me. so thoroughly.  Before I saw him I had been to John Hopkins. The doctor there spent all of 20 minutes and told me that he could not help me.  Somebody recommended that I see Dr. Chopra and I am so happy I did. . Monica Tomas écrit: He is so compassionate and caring.  I had called him once to ask for his help. He spent over an hour talking to me.  I am going to see him at the conference wherevere that is. Peter Rosenfeld écrit: I took my son to CHOP for his CRPS in the leg.  They were horrible.  He come out worse than he went in. My son was terrified of seeing another doctor.  I took him to see Dr. Chopra. 2 years ago. He was so compassionate and funny with my son that he felt right at ease with him.  My son is back in school now. He still has his days but he is a deals with it much better.  I cannot thank Dr. Chopra and RSDSA. Clinton Harold écrit: Thank you, Dr. ChopraSusan Wright écrit: Where is RSDSA's next patient conference?  I really want to see Dr. Chopra's talk. My daughter has CRPS and I am trying to find a doctor to help her. I took her to Boston Children's hospital and they were cruel.  She became worse after going through their program. I know in my heart Dr. Chopra will be to right person to help my daughter. His compassion shows in his talk. Jane Byer écrit: The video is so informative. I have CRPS for 6 years. I have been to the Cleveland Clinic and all they wanted to do was to put a simulator in my spine. I saw Dr. Chopra 2 years ago and I am doing so much better. Thank you RSDSA for bringing us Dr. ChopraJohn Nguyen écrit: Thank you RSDSA and Dr. Chopraaireen blake écrit: Watching Dr. Chopra's video brought back wonderful memories when I used to see him 5 years ago. He has helped me get my life back.  He worked very hard at helping me and thanks to his help I live a much more comfortable life.  Thank you, thank you thank you, thank you, Dr. ChopraDina King écrit: Finally, a doctor that gets it. They should use this video to teach other doctors. Lauren Haas écrit: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Chopra. You are amazing. James L écrit: I have CRPS for 5 years. I lost my job, my wife left me. I was about to kill myself when I decided to give it one last try. I came across this video. I showed it to my doctor who was kind enough to follow some of the treatments. I am now 60% better. I exercise everyday. I am now looking for a job. Thank you RSDSA and Dr. Chopra for saving my life. Pamela Kilt écrit: What an amazing talk. He is so clear and lucid. This is the first time in all these years that I have really understood my RSD. I am  going to discuss these options with my doctor. I am going to go for his next talk in Dallas. Julie D écrit: Dr. Chopra's presentation is brilliant. I have learnt more about my condition than in all my visits to doctors. Thank you RSDSA for posting it. 

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