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Among those with insomnia, Ambien remains the most popular sleeping pill approved by the FDA specifically for the purpose. Sleep disorders remain extremely frequent affecting between 6-10% of the population. Women suffer more sleep disturbances than men.\n\nPreviously restricted to fewer than 7-14 days due to a supposed lack of continuing effect, Ambien and similar hypnotics may now be prescribed for long term use. Special precautions are warranted for the elderly, those with liver disease and the debilitated.\n\nSince Ambien acts to depress the central nervous system, extreme caution is warranted for those receiving other drugs that further deepen sedation. Among the dangerous pairings are Xanax, Valium, opioids, alcohol, trazodone, tramadol and certain antidepressants.\n\nWomen seem especially prone to lingering sleepiness or “clouded brain” during the day after taking Ambien. Even 8 hours after the pill, blood levels are still measurable in 15% of women but fewer than 3% of men. This prolonged effect creates potential danger with activities requiring mental alertness such as driving to work the next day. Extended release tablets further compound the problem.

William Vandervort écrit: Very informative presentation. �� ��mick cv écrit: Kinda trippin me out doc, wasn’t ready for this in your face speech. Side note: it can be incredibly addictive, at first seemed like why would you ever abuse this but one night a person could stay up accidentally and then they get that buzz and then they see why.Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie écrit: I’m suffering from a co morbid condition.Joshua Harrington écrit: I hate it how all the doctors do is tell you how bad sleeping pills are try being an insomniac more than half your life than doctor we’ll talk side effectsIsabel Flowers écrit: Yes it was very helpful but what would happen if u take 2 ambien? Any body know?Inaya Kazi écrit: No it's addictive for me I started just for six month I took daily of 60 to 70 mg of zolpedium. When I get to know I am now a zombie behave like a Clam zombie. I quit the drug that day for a week or so I was experiencing strange feeling. I can't explain a week or so I was good . It's a good in small amount only. And 100 percent addictivelucy bond écrit: Been on 10mg zolpidem for approximately 20 years. It doesn’t really work if you eat before taking it. It won’t work at all if you take with food that has any fat in it. So don’t eat any high fat Hagen Daz ice cream or high fat food (ex: avocado etc) right before or after taking it.buyambien pills écrit:

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Call us: +1 9102127411Michael H écrit: Because insomnia I had was not truly serious, and so I didn`t take it .
very seriously. Not until 5 years later in which it has become the most awful problem. I`m able to merely slumber just for Three hours in most nights and I simply cannot also slumber throughout the night frequently. I tried this guide. Right on the spot, only on that time alone, I encountered fantastic results. Within just 7 days I was asleep 4-7 hrs every evening. My sleep becomes better daily.. I discovered Google and found this guide on a website.. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
take careMarie Maurice écrit: Works okay for me in the CR. Not the immediate. Sonata work relatively well but it didn’t keep you asleep. Lunesta was a lost cause IMO..drei t écrit: Topic about adrenal fatigue pleaseRaul Montoya écrit: How does Ambien interact with Adderall in the morning?Samo Sheppard écrit: I've been on Zopiclone 7.5mg which is very similar to Ambien and been on that every single night for 11 years and it STILL WORKS (for me). No physical dependence or anything like that. The Z-drugs have some wonderful benefits Ambien is a shorter acting drug Zopiclone keeps you asleep 7-9 hours beautifully. Whatever works for you the more power to you 🙂Fresh Beginnings écrit: Zolpidem increase restful sleep REM. Plenty studies. Love the channel! And if you reply, i have a question!Leonardo Lua écrit: Thank you doctor; every single video I find all the info I usually don't hear from my doctor.Amber Lorraine Tennant écrit: HiGOLDMANvision écrit: Anyone else check all the titles of the books on this Doc's shelf? namely the giant gynecology book right next to the giant geriatric health book, front and center? It's like those two and a couple dictionaries. Doc's Bookshelf reveal at 20k subs.

On a serious note, awesome video. Very informative and in-depth. Thanks doc.stoner Mkay écrit: Look man I take Ambien and i talk to my self and I Hallucinate and it makes me emotional it’s great man guys u should try it take it at night or during day fun times ��Hill Jayden écrit: Many thanks, Dr.  I appreciate your clear presentation and detailed information.Gary Hubbard écrit: He's a cheerlead go "AMBIEN"Roscoe Buns écrit: I need some so bad please help me!!!I can't sleepLuana V écrit: How does one taper off ambien? I’ve been on Zolpidem for 6 months. I had no idea about all these drugs my doctor has prescribing me.Alex Elliott Loughran écrit: The part about developing bad habit after insomnia sets is was something new to me – after 12 years of Ambien use and lots of doctors (inc psychiatrists).NIGEL’S MUSIC écrit: Which is less harmful ambien or trazadone?Larry Tate écrit: Can you do a video on THC and CBD? ThanksLoops écrit: These videos are perhaps the most helpful I have ever seen on these topics. As a chronic insomniac myself I always feel torn between taking medication and feeling fearful of becoming dependent on the meds. But he is right….really the insomnia doesn't just go away by itself and it is worse not to sleep in the long run. Ambien puts me out for 3 hours if I'm lucky. But some nights even to get that amount is better than none at all.Brussel Sprout écrit: The numbers of Ambien that has been being prescribed is horrifying. E écrit: My doctor now is saying Zolpidem could cause Alzheimer's. It's a controlled substance where I am. All I know is that I can sleep when I take it and if I don't take it, I don't sleep. Before I got Ambien, I lost my job because I showed up late a couple of times after sleepless nights. What some of these doctors don't understand is that there ain't much worse than not being able to sleep at night. It's miserable and it will wreck your life.Adam Coyne écrit: I seriously trip balls when I take ambien.its pretty rad.Latonya Williams écrit: wonderful doctor highly informative…I have a question I used sleep with no problems..but last year I done an ear flush on both ears don't know what happened but after that I got extreme head pain in the back part of my head and at the top…went to e.r. done a cat scan but nothing was found…but ever since then I've developed chronic insomnia every night I will get 2-4 hrs of sleep every day…my eyes are sleepy but I can't even get drowsy to fall asleep I'm on zolpidem 10 mg…it's works on and off because sometimes it doesn't help me fall asleep quickly as other times it I get a maximum of 6hr. top while on this..maybe I need to try the extended release or something else…but the mystery is why will all this happened after an ear flush or did the cat scan had something to do with it??Brian Searles écrit: Please do a video on minocycline. I am using it for Lyme benzo hell écrit: Best Dr period. You have taught me more than my counselor and my dr combined! I put them to shame now and Dr's don't like it when you tell them how ineffective some drugs are I love debating with my counselor haha. Great vids

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