alprazolam biogaran 0 25 mg

alprazolam biogaran 0 25 mg

Xanax ( Alprazolam ) Review And My Experience

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Xanax also knows as Alprazolam is a Medication used in the treatment of Anxiety and other conditions that I share in this video.. I share my personal Experience and some of the Common side effects that you will encounter while taking this medication.\n\nLet’s Break The Mental Health Stigma Together – \n\n\n\nI am not a DR. or Pharmacy this video is based on my own personal opinion and experience . Do not abuse any med that is prescribed to you or and med that is not prescribed to you. If you have an addiction problem please reach out to a family member or call your emergency room or local rehab facility.\n\n\nFollow me on social Media\nTwitter – @SchizoCorner\nInstagram – schizoaffectivecorner\n\nIf you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet Please do by clicking here so together we can help break the Stigma that surrounds the Mental Health Community. \n

ImperfectHP écrit: Bars be making me black out every timeNick Fasarakis écrit: Just keep it real you doctor hop to get a free high and you don't like to work so you collect a disability check keep it 100 with everyone you like to get highNick Fasarakis écrit: There is absolutely no way you need that much common you just want to get high commonNick Fasarakis écrit: Xanax is very very dangerous that's the only seen withdrawal that could kill you I defly don't recommend it find another solutionNick Fasarakis écrit: Have you ever worked? So you collect a disability check?Spk Spk écrit: I've been on xanax for over 10 years. My dr. Says ill need to take this medication for the rest of my life. It has definitely worked but there is a cost to long term use. My memory is very cloudy its def done some damage over time. Just a price ive had to pay it is what it is.Common Man Crypto écrit: This shit is the devils drug. PLEASE never abuse this stuff. It's very easy to abuse and get caught up…..much love to everyone.Cody Cyr écrit: Should I buy some the street or no bad idea. Idk what to goCody Cyr écrit: Sorry I also can't shut off my mind I only can sleep 2 3 hours adayCody Cyr écrit: It's so bad I panic in public don't go out. The last 2 years sir it's got so bad I can't work. I don't Kno who to call. I'll do anything. I'm scared. I'm having a panic attack Kno. Cody from CA.Cody Cyr écrit: So again sir. thank u so much. I called every phycirocrist in Stockton CA. No 1 is taking pations sir plz help. I've. Been to mental health the hospital 2 time. Plz help what do I do. I'll pay you sir just to help me sir plz I have everything u explained. Bt dreams of watching my mom get her eye knocked out. I was 9Cody Cyr écrit: Sir my name is Cody I live in ca. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 and chronic disorders they put me on haldoll. Not helping. Plz help me and sogestions plz. You probably busy. God blessBGoat écrit: i relly wan t to try xanicΝικηφόρος Αθανάσιος écrit: cant find 2mg bars in my fucking country they give them only for drugs withdrawal ��Luke Aladeen écrit: I've taken 2 mg at once, it does nothing for meSweatZi écrit: Ur son is lucky asfSarah Talker écrit: Xanax has literally changed my life. Like you I have tried everything , and I'm so much more productive on it than not.Ada Velasquez écrit: Have you tried Zolpidem to fall asleep…it works for me…I take Clonazepam when needed during the day, only if I feel social anxiety or racing thoughts. Very helpful.Murda Jay écrit: I take xanax 2mg 3 times daily as prescribedAcha Shah écrit: Xanax actually for depressions , panic attack, relaxing n chilling.. n not partying for sure. I dont find taking xanax even related to a junkies? Its a real medication for a real people who needs. Wow.. U r direct bro.. I have the similar problem n for what I can tell xanax is the best of all I ve tried. And Xanax leads me to spend more time with myself now. I don't realized all this while im wasting my time concentrating on others in this life called the hectic world . It really works for me n i ve been taking like 2 mg a day for 2 half yrs. I don't think I can live without it. To me its not that addictive or dangerous as long u uses it wisely. Maybe 2 to 3 times a week its more then fine for me. Cheers mate! Thanks for being honest bro… God bless u.kook2zz boiii écrit: Was hoping to get a good high.but it was disappointedJonathan Booth écrit: EXERCISE DUMBASS IT WILL FIX EVERYTHING AND QUIT EATING SHIT FOODStevie V. écrit: I need some asapjuan alcantar écrit: I just started and I really don't like the way it makes me feel it slows my brain down but the fellings of fear and anguish still thereANJANYA AYNAJNA écrit: Great videoColby Collier écrit: Thanks for the video. My doctor just put me on .25 and take as needed but im scared to get hooked on them . Anyways that’s a good buck in that picture behind you ✌��Richard Nightingale écrit: Nice guy….good honest opinion my friend.KMAN847 écrit: so you get 270 2mg tablets per month. thats 18mg per day and againt the law i thoughtIntan Rukmana écrit: Hello bro i want to out for my klonopin my dossage is 1 miligram klonopin ? Is the bigger dossage or no ?Six écrit: Xanax is the worst thing that’s happened to me no person with an addictive personality should take Xanax you’ll love the feeling so much you’ll need more n more a person with multiple mental problems Xanax gives more euphoria than I can imagine I hope anyone addicted gets the help they need because the withdrawals are insaneChevinmusic – Curtis écrit: You should call your channel excuses Corneraccount name écrit: I've been dealing with severe anxiety and panic attacks for almost 2 years now . I still havent tried seeking help because I thought that it would just go away but also because I'm ashamed of coming out and saying "hey I have mental issues" . Well things got worst and I've been having more frequent panic attacks and it's getting to the point where I'm scared to go outside because I might have an attack in public . So yeah the shit is evolving and getting worst . Don't know why I'm writting this but since you shared your story , I decided to share mine .Wilky_ Waves écrit: I completely relate! I have anxiety and take 0.25mg of Xanax only when I get panic attacks, that’s all I need. But like my Mom said, medication is there for a reason, as long as you know what’s good for you and it’s helping you live your life than it’s totally worth taking itMrArjay123 écrit: U have a diy haircut bro ��Jessica Ignacio écrit: Thanks for the video. I feel like I need this. I have OCD, panic disorder, depression, anger issues and I honestly think I'm bipolar. It's gotten so out of hand that I can't eat dinner with my family without crying and one time I told this girl in my class to shut up because she was pissing me off, she didn't even do anything wrong..Hmm écrit: i cant go to the chow hall. i need somethingJ SWERVO écrit: If you need something to calm you down i got sumn green that’s all i needrockmorpheus69 écrit: I would like to know about alcohol consumption and Xanax 0.5 mg .. can i drink while on xanax ?… or how long after i take my dose can i have a few drinks … I’m new to xanax and I’ve only been taking them since 5 days .. 1 pill at night after food … It doesn’t really put me to sleep … i still sleep way later after taking the pill … atleast about 4 to 5 hrs later … but it’s been keeping me calm from my anxiety.. and my constant focus on my heartbeat… but i also enjoy drinking… i don’t really have a drinking problem… i at some point of the other i have abused it… but I’ve also gone for days without drinking… but in a social circle … i tend to get restless especially when I’m the only one not drinking.Good Vibes écrit: I have the same symptoms of anxiety. My doctor will only prescribe me Klonopin or ativan with a snubbed nose. Each time she writes them she says, "they're so addictive." I have been on Klonopin for 5 years, SSRI's don't work, SNRI's I'm allergic to, gabapentin caused me sepsis. Klonopin work okay, but Xanax and valium actually make my tense muscles drop. I feel I can look around the room and not panic. I never get the chance to experience it though because doctors are scared of treatment, I never abused them one time. I need to get myself a doctor who finds what works, not one who operates on stigma. I guess having doctors who also take care of adolescence plays a role.Bomerboy68 Xbox one écrit: I took 3 xans blacked out took 15 more and My friends told me I was just stumbling and mumbling and my eyes were closing and opening constantlyCosmin Baicu écrit: Damn, the Cns needs to stop being attacked like this. Assaults illegalManny Gonzalez écrit: My doctor just prescribed Xanax and Fluoxetine today. Im 28 and i never suffered from anxiety until a week ago. I was driving to school yesterday and had to go back home because I felt like I couldn’t breath and my heart was racing and Hands were sweaty. Felt like I was gonna pass out. And I keep swallowing over and over and feels like something is stuck in my throat and I panic. I’m scared to drive again because I feel it’s going to happen again. Hope this medication helps.Smokes Emjay écrit: Thank you thank you thank you. I'm in a similar situation. My bi polar medicine is not helping me like this sounds like it wouldSmokes Emjay écrit: This was so helpful for my problems!!Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie écrit: I’m suffering too … from the pain of losing my boyfriend.Fabian Hatschka écrit: This video makes me feel so good. I’m actually from Austria and I’ve the same anxieties. I was on Xanax for like 3 years and I was finally able to get rid of the benzos �� I wish u only the best ����Aaron Christoffersen écrit: I’m like you I can’t be still and relax.. even falling asleep is a chore and requires tricks. My brain is always full steam. I figured everyone was like this.hiszreina____ écrit: is sitraline hydrochloride the same thing ?hey hey écrit: Hey bro i enjoyed your video 🙂 just wanted to ask you i been getting these tension headaches after i get really angry or annoyed about any small or big things and its a shit feeling i have in my head …. honestly do you think xanax will help that feeling to go away? I have mylan a4 rounds tablets will it help i havent used it yet ? ThanksMichael Leo écrit: Do you take anything to help you sleep? How does klonopin help with sleep when dealing with anxiety compared to Xanax? I’ve taken both, I’ve also taken Valium and Ativan.

IMO, Xanax helps great with helping me fall asleep! I’m thinking about going back on benzodiazepines as I deal with crippling anxiety/panic disorder. I have tried many other medications such as depression medications and SSRI’s. Over 30-40 different meds and the only ones that help are Lamictol and alprazolam. I went 5 months without having to take Xanax and then bam It all came back. In your opinion, what’s the best benzo?Jane Mundane écrit: Nice bangs broJose Hernandez écrit: Meds are confusing. Alot of meds to choose from not mention if the med matches your care.Christopher écrit: thanks for being so sincere with explaining your experience with Xanax because I couldn't find anyone else on the internet who would this help me out a lot. And yes I can relate to your story because I use to roll up a lot and sprinkle it down with that white girl.gdh1984 écrit: Myself at 5… “OMG!!! Everyone and everything I know and love is gonna die!!! OMG!! I got a cut and it’s bleeding pretty bad!!! I’m gonna die for sure!!”

Myself at 13 “oh man!! This weed makes me feel great!! Everything is so cool, even school!!”

Myself at 16 “SNIFF!!! Yep!! That coke is amazing!! I’m so great!! Nothing can stop me!! I’d like to see them try!!”

Myself at 20 “let me hit that crack pipe again and again and again and again… pour me another shot… oh there’s acid around? I’ve had plenty of bad trips but let me humble myself for the thousandth time”

Myself at 25 “I need heroin now now now!!! Answer your fucking PHONE!! I’m puking my guts out, my bones and joints are killing me and I’m dying! I have the flu times 17,000,000!!! Just fucking ANSWER NOW!!!”

Myself at 32 “gimme whatever… let’s just get wasted, who cares? We’re gonna die anyway!!… what judge? A 3 year sentence AND rehab??? Damn… I guess we might as well get it over with…”

Me after release “this weed makes me feel like shit!!! I have more anxiety than ever!! That coke really isn’t as great as it used to be… Heroin?? Nah… I remember all the those bad times and the struggles. Liquor you say? MAN what a hangover!!! Who do I have to apologize to again?? Why was I thinking about killing myself ?? I don’t remember”

Myself these days prescribed with Alprazolam “everything is okay! You’re doing what you have to do! You go to work everyday, you pay your own way, you’re not stressed out, you don’t abuse your medication… some bad situations will arise but it’s nothing you can’t handle… you’ve been through much worse!!”

I’m sure people still see me as a “junkie” but Xanax help me. I don’t walk around eating them like candy just to get smashed. They push everything to the side except what I really need to concentrate on. I see nothing wrong with Xanax if you truly need them and they help you focus. If you do them just to be “cool” or abuse them to get wasted, I don’t agree with that, but if they relieve the pressure from stress and anxiety inside your mind why not? Other then Xanax, I’m 100% clean and I’m proud of it! Xanax does for me what weed used to do, I just can’t handle smoking weed anymore. If weed helps you out then smoke on! Nothing wrong with that!!d Watson écrit: Pumpik pie haircutted freakEmpress Nitara écrit: My ex boyfriend was a recovering heroin addict who had been clean on methadone for 7 years. But Xanax ended up destroying his life. He was kicked out of where he was living by his roommate because he developed a severe addiction to them. He was constantly slurred and nodding off and ended up trashing the place while blacking out because he had taken all his pills and was accusing his roommate of stealing and hiding them. He was arrested and released right after Christmas and now I have no clue where he is or if he’s even alive. He’s now homeless. No job, no cell phone because he left it where he had been living, and he hasn’t been on Facebook since this happened. The pain of having no closure and wondering if he’s even alive is devastating. I’ll never be able to condone this medication. They are meant to be taken temporarily, not long term. I don’t believe any doctor should have ever prescribed this to a recovering addict.Sweet Dreams écrit: Thank you for being candid ��Sweet Dreams écrit: I a. Happy for you that you van now ‘chill’ like the majority of us ��Just Beein N’ique Nique écrit: Xanax is not good for someone in sobriety and I too had got subscribed these but they made my life worse I hate Xanax withdrawals I was in the psych ward for a week coming off.Lᛜᚹ écrit: Xanax is so weak, Klonopin is much better, for me anyway.Kecia Powell écrit: Very informative video how much do you take per day for sleepFrancis Charbonneau écrit: Who get sick when they pop xanaxGB ML écrit: A deep nice sleep is so good, I would pop it everydayThe Oziris écrit: hey Dude, wached all your videos is good to khew all exp you have over years whit anti-deps drugs … My self got anxiety of strairs my Doc prescribed .. Prozac 20mg at morring and 20mg and after lunch + 2mg Valium at morring and night + if feel verry bad Xanax 0,5mg .. so my qustion is valium + xanax can get wierd side effect ? my Doc said if feel bad to use xanaxNasticus écrit: BTW I'm on Valium 20mg. I like Xanax too thoNasticus écrit: Hahahahaha look at ur bowl cut hairKrzysztof Mazur écrit: Hey I’ve got a question does xanax after many weeks still works for you? I read the tolerance make it less Effective after 4 weeks of continous media écrit: the strong learn to control their emotions, the weak let their emotions control them.c Hassell écrit: I have depression and PTSD. Xanax is the only thing that helps me get sleep and calm me down when a episode hits. I am able to work.Steeve Daw écrit: "I've been waitin on you…"Steeve Daw écrit: If they help,do it! Life's too short.Steeve Daw écrit: You talk sense though.Steeve Daw écrit: You don't feel like they're working,and you're doing crazy stuff. Not enjoyable,only for fucked minds.Steeve Daw écrit: Xanax gives you had hair?Chace Alvernaz écrit: Hello welcome back to Bipolar Corner, my name is Gary and I cut my own hair using the bowl techniqueDemetrius Archuleta écrit: I was on xanax a nd cocaine every day i don't know why I am alive.. but i am sober and no longer take xanax or snort cokeBeing Better écrit: Wow, I'm like that, always bouncing around, can't sit still and watch TV. I'm always thinking about something else or distracted on my phone.Melissa Mathers écrit: I love xanax,, I rest well ,, helps me sleep ,, I enjoy taking them ,, they are great to take ,,, they help a lot ,,your right though , I don't sleep long on them ,, but I do get sleep ,,MilitantDOAR Achilles écrit: Xanax xanax xanaxWesley Gray écrit: Yeah these are good to stay away from too. I learned this in my overdose.Earl Barnes écrit: Your mental issues is almost the same as mine, I missed a dose of medication and a guy who lived 5 houses down accused my dog of going to the bathroom in his precious yard, and he’s gonna beat my dog with a stick….I blacked out and wanted to beat the ever living shit out him, lucky for him he retreated back into his house, anger issues can land you in jail.Abby Lloyd écrit: Congrats on your many years of sobriety. This video helped me a lot. I was prescribed xanax when I was 14, and people make me feel as if it's wrong to take. Their comments makes my anxiety worse when people say this, especially because I have bad social anxiety. But I know what my mental disorder feels like, they do not. Thank You.derek D écrit: Sir. I mean this in no offense. To be clear i take xanax 1mg 4x a day.i have a disease that overloads my blood with adrenaline. Its called hyper pots. But let me ask you this. Were you molested as a child? I was not but i feel like i needed to ask you. No shame if you were. If you were, i have some words for you.Michael Epps écrit: Im so addicted to alprazolam!! I deal with heavy depression and i jus csnt go without it but when i try to stop i get seizures im desperetsly seeking hep please respondRene Gonzalez écrit: First off that hair…Wooaaday écrit: I'm prescribed but they gotta stay locked up or else I'd eat em all, black out and act pretty stupid. I've done that many times cuz I'm an addict. But I really need them for my high level of anxiety they're the only things that ease meMiguel Petersen écrit: Can you tell us what mg you were prescribed? I was just prescribed 0.5 mg and i just habe had nad experience with some meds making my anxiety worse, i hated attrax, and kolonipin was beru addictive. Adivan did help. So. What do you recommend? Half during an attack or a full one?Gabriel Biddle écrit: If i made the video i woulda been like I'm not a doctor just a crazy boi, bipolar pride!lu lz écrit: I suffered from severe (that means 3 hours of sleep for me) insomnia. I tried antidepressants and they didn't help. About a month ago I got alprazolam prescribed and it works wonders.Shaun Crittenden écrit: right those 1 mg dont last long enough 1 3 times a day i had to take 2 at a time when i was on those..but now Alprazolam 2mg i take 1 maybe 2 a day now..says dosage 1 3 times a dayJustin N. écrit: Klonopin Saved my life . But I'm glad that the Xanax works for you. My doctor will prescribe any benzo and a few 
months ago I decided to take a break and go to xanax its great but they just dont last long enough for my social anxiety.. i have now switched back to the kpinsHarr ison écrit: Bro try a new haircutliam white écrit: I lost 2 days on these and live in the UK so don't know if they where fake or real but I had 2 bars and I couldn't remember the last 2 days so I'm definitely gunna stay away from them bars but definitely see the benefits from itOumaima Bari écrit: a really honest reviewShawn Dickson écrit: Would you please email me if you have time I really need to talk to you about my mental health. I also have a Facebook page.Sarah Talker écrit: I just got diagnosed with Acute Anxiety and Panic Disorder and my Doctor prescribed me Xanax and Lexapro. I'm already beginning to feel better. Xanax is literally changing my life for the better.BayArEA DriFTER écrit: You and me have sort of the same story bro. I was on crystal for 10 years and the day I quit cold turkey left me with a severe panic disorder and a bunch of random anxiety disorders. I'll trip out out of nowhere and my heart rate gets over 220 beats per minute. I've been on Klonopin for the past 4 months after finally giving in to my doctor and trying the medicine. The bad thing is it takes an hour to kick in I tried Xanax for the first time about two weeks ago my stepmom gave me a 2mg pill so I broke it up and took a 0.5 and it's crazy how good it works. I would rather be on those than the Klonopin. My question to you is do you build up a tolerance quickly on them?Phil Summers écrit: Your video really spoke to me because i dont really have ptsd or anything like that but my mind is very active and i am constantly thinking about stuff like how UFOs work etc… and i think about that when i try to sleep… i was on ambien for 5 years… and after a while they did not work or help me sleep at all… as matter of fact the ambien literally made my mind clearer and i figured out stuff like what happens when you actually pass the event horizon and go inside black holes… that kind of stuff… what the pyramids were really used for… etc… random stuff like that… xanax got me where i was getting 3 hours of sleep if i was lucky amd i got my first 8 hours of sleep and ive never felt more clear and focused in my life…cindy127 écrit: I'm proud of you. Also thanks for info.Skye Travers écrit: I’m like this I’m always in my head I have bipolar disorder depression anxiety PTSD from my childhood so my psychiatrist finally put me on it she put me on alprazolam 0.25 so I’m hoping this works for me I just wanna be calm during the day i’m always anxious I get angry real quick

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