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We’re working with the drug companies on substantially lowering drug prices

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President Donald Trump: We’re working with the drug companies on substantially lowering drug prices

Journey Travelers écrit: Trump Pence 2020Scott Greenspan écrit: Why is Donald Trump even speaking? Isn't Vladimir Putin the President of the United States?

DonaldTrumpLovesRussianBBCAllan LaRocque écrit: How's the health care plan coming along? Just curiousAllan LaRocque écrit: Blah, blah blag, 20 000 confirmed lies!! People are sick of you TRUMP!Wenny Hartono écrit: GOD BLESS TRUMP & PENCE

2020 MAGA 2020

Kal écrit: �� ThankQ President Donald J.Trump for your continuing hard work, honesty, integrity, bravery and Patriotism, YOU + ARE + APPRECIATED!!!! TRUMP/ KENNEDY 2Q2Q ��Kriss Nicoloff écrit: OKLAHOMA FOR TRUMP..annemarie bornman écrit: Give America people's great and wonderful President Trump for us. America people are lucky , hold him.. ������������������������������Regina Georgina écrit: Thank you Mr.president
TRUMP2020 ������Monica Pierce écrit: Trump 2020����������������������������������Scott Stewart écrit: TRUMP-PENCE 2020!!!  MAGA-KAG!!! The Bidening M écrit: Fact-checking President Trump's biggest claims

MUST-SEE: CNN reporter issues EPIC fact-check of Trump after convention speech

Trump’s 40 Biggest Broken Promises Revealed | Robert Reich

Former DHS official says Trump offered pardons for carrying out illegal policies

Taylor, a top official in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) between 2017 and 2019, makes the allegations in a new advertisement released by the group Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT). In it, he claims that Trump called for closing the U.S.-Mexico border and dismissed concerns about such a move violating the law.

"It was April of 2019. We were down at the border, and the president said to the senior leadership of the Homeland Security Department behind the scenes, we should not let anyone else into the United States," Taylor said. "And even though he had been told on repeated occasions that the way he wanted to do it was illegal, his response was to say, 'Do it. If you get in trouble, I'll pardon you.'"Tyler Tomlinson écrit: You can't do anything to drug companies because they pay you. Fake talking from a fake president.Thore Kobs écrit: TRUMP 2020 MAGA KAGThe Dude écrit: Could you maybe lower the requirements to get said drugs as well?Susan Reed écrit: God Bless President Trump and his Administration ��
If we don't have lower drug costs…
The terrorists win! ������
I remember that last line from back in 2001 Bush Administration.
On a side note:
I'd love to own a brand new shiny teal blue IROC-Z28. 5 speed manual transmission.
�� <– dreaming
Sadly, they stopped production in the late 1980's. ��
Those cars were very pretty!
I wasn't old enough yet to get my license at the time.
A kind request for the "Make-A-Wish-Come-True Association"
.. Or the terrorists win.
Love inside ��
Michigan, USA ����Audra Norvaisiene écrit: Amazing��������‼��������‼��������‼��������‼��������Gigi D écrit: ��������TRUMP��������

����E����Ryan Caster écrit: MAGA = More American Graves AheadGigi D écrit: ��������Trump ��������

����Great����AyeThatsJayJay YT écrit: Literally to the 1% who’s reading this God Bless you stay safe and have a wonderful day❤️(my dream is to become a famous YouTuber)allpet écrit: Listen to Donald Trump's own words: Donald Trump's words is the reason there is so much violence in the streets. That's why Trump fanatics are crossing state lines to participate in riots. And afterwards Donald Trump is using the riots as an argument to try to get reelected. He is not trying to solve the underlying issues he only cares about getting reelected.alexander velasquez écrit: VOTE TRUMP 2020! ������������������������rob s écrit: Can U open up livestream @white house youtu be channel please? Mister President 🙂Shawn Crane écrit: I wonder if Yellow Lives Matter will be popular one day?Jair Messias Bolsonaro écrit: Hey trump, its me, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's president, I just want to say to you that the 89.000 money in my wife account are fake. Theres no money. Its just a plan of the comunists tryng to make me fall!Michael Scott Howard écrit: The "licensed" drug dealers aks big pharma like all dealers, know how to grease the gears to get what they want… problem is us little folks pay for this grease and we all know where it is applied.. TOTAL CORRUPTION, TOTAL MONOPOLY…Haha Rubzz écrit: Trump is a business man not a president ! Get out of office alreadySandra Wadsworth écrit: Love❤️������Brunno écrit: YESTRUMP2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣����AWFULWORKPLACES écrit: For Traditional Student's, Work on Policie Updates for The Learning Disabled. There are alot of school laws that need updating.Saveta Krstajic écrit: Mr PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP & VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE NOVEMBER 3 rd 2020-2024 GOOD LUCK!!! TRUMP & PUTIN 2020. NEW WORLD ORDER!. ?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! EUROPE TODAY ?!?!?!?????!??? .!?????? SERBIA,!???????? Greetings from SERBIAeddie sinsemilla écrit: the cheerleader wears way too much make up. i bet he uses make up even when not on tv. he cares more of how he looks, like a girl. u can see his pink head under all that pankake mixShawn Crane écrit: Michigan is the State with the biggest question mark for me, but Ivanka's presence there will be influence for the red.Kitty Pixel écrit: My beautiful sexy angel forever love. You're beautiful. ❤❤❤❤ Infinite kisses my destined lovegareth jordan écrit: the impeached president said “We’re going to hold that until Aug. 24, hoping that the pharmaceutical companies will come up with something that will substantially reduce drug prices,” Trump said at the signing ceremony in July. “And the clock starts right now. So, it’s Aug. 24 at 12 [a.m.], after which the order on favored nations will go into effect.”

Since then, Trump has repeatedly touted the order, though even now that the deadline has passed, the administration so far is not saying if it is actually going forward with implementing it.Shawn Crane écrit: Basically sir, everyone should go to Vegas and bet the house on you, because as far as I can tell, this thing is on total lockdown.gareth jordan écrit: 188,044 covid deaths 6,225,781 covid cases and counting even after the WH took control of hospital data from the CDC and test centres being closed down, 1000 americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' says the impeached 'i dont take responsibility at all' bone spurs grifter of a president who is responsible for 25 million people being evicted from their homes due to his incompetence….Private Private écrit: Liarsuedeslounge écrit: Information about Kyle is being suppressed! Learn the whole truth! SIGN THE PETITION TO SAVE KYLE! Crane écrit: Basically Mr President, if you pretend like Barack Obama isn't the President of The United States, you will still win.Shawn Crane écrit: Basically they are allowing issues so they can conveniently be the fix. Tah Dah!Carmen Montenegro-Russo écrit: Best president ever…..MAGAPatriot écrit: America's Law and Order President. Can you imagine what he could have got done his first term, if he didn't have the crocked democrats running interference on him with all the fraud and phony impeachment scam lies and corruption on him. This next four years should really be something to see. God Bless President Trump.Glenn L écrit: 182,622 deaths due to Trump's incompetence and still rising. Never does Trump acknowledge this disaster. Make America great again, my ass. The US is now the laughing stock of the world. What happened to draining the swamp? Since 2016, the swamp has been filled to the brim with even more corrupt wana be politicians and federal judges. Vote Trump out before its too late. 180,000+ Americans have died over the last 6 months due to Trumps ignorance and it's only getting worse. 1000+ deaths / day! For comparison, 59,000+ great American solders died during the 14 year Vietnam War political disaster. And 2977 great Americans died on 9/11 and that was way too many. If you want to see a complete incompetent fool in action, watch Trumps Axios interview.Georgie John Jensen écrit: Make sure Britain ���� first don’t get taken down looks like there trying to get rid of all Patriots so they can live in a leftie life and Britain ���� first needs a new boat• Anon. Channel •Q• écrit: Trump is the best president!Xx Strawberry Milk xX écrit: Uh- not trump 2020 no offense))Jon Arnott écrit: That's MY president!Alej Vargas écrit: Trump 2020 ����Laffy Taffy4554 écrit:
Here is proof we need trumpKingCeasar666 écrit: écrit: Law and order in sight of all chaos. Hmm.

Free Mason rank 13 ugenics ground report. I caught an Athiest alleged korean hybrid break line auto con. Crashed my bank account and comcast Bill. Not sure what odd this unhinged one was odd, but had emotional temptation solved like me.

China I have one piont to make to china as it claims superior order from beginning to end in it's tribes.

1. Korea is dealing with an undermining chaos death Nirvana substance handler general lead.

2. Japan has stricken the world with poison blood art.

3. Ignorance in-between the culture's in Nirvana on the Mongolian end has left people woke, proud, and fool hearty not realizing that wisdom is paved in the blood of it's fellow tribes.

4. Honestly plenty of other Asian province's suffering their own phenomena messes.

5. Chinese protest in generational cou rebellion ignorance without understanding the sins and works if the fathers in their absolute ground.

China who da better waaaaa lol. Sry had to. Honor and respect.Abe Bettik écrit: ������������tRUMPY SAYS: “The mob takes the Fifth,”“If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” ERIC tRUMP PLEADS THE FIFTH TO THE NY AG! LOL. WHAT TRASH!Shawn Crane écrit: I think it's worth noting: If Biden gets elected, there will be less violence because Democrat Senators will stop fuming. This is an attempt to overthrow you through blackmail and leverage. Then magically the narrative will change. It's just a magic trick.closertothetruth écrit: To be cheaper than anywhere in the world would mean very significant changes, at the moment the most expensive in the world.B. E. Atles écrit: "The only thing Big Pharma hates more than a cure is an inexpensive one." – B. E. AtlesMax Banana écrit: Thanks Mr Trump for keeping your promise making our country great and well do it again ❤️❤️❤️������p8ently obvious écrit: LiesMax Banana écrit: Baltimore for Trump Blacks too ❤️❤️❤️������James Johnson écrit: God bless the world with peace. Be Holy. Be like Jesus Christ. Be Pro-Life. Jesus is Life. LIFE Wins!
I am voting for the most Pro-Life, Pro-Christ teachings candidate. Trump + Pence 2020
Follow the truth. Jesus is the truth. I am praying for the whole world. God bless America.
EWTN News: The most honest press in the world. God bless EWTN News. Join us. —-> #EWTN NewsAl écrit: Best President ever!PorkyPricklyPants écrit: Why is their justice system so systematically racist? Given Democrats promises & decades of total control, shouldn’t it be the least racist system in America? If there is so called “systemic racism” maybe we should look into the people who have been running the inner cities for decades. Here is a "NEW UPDATED LIST" ..The last time voters elected a Republican mayor: Chicago 1952. Detroit 1962. Atlanta 1879. Houston 1933. South Bend Indiana 1975. Gary, Indiana 1964. Philadelphia 1952. Oakland 1966. San Jose, California 1943. Austin, Texas 1991. San Francisco 1964. Memphis one Republican since 1967. Seattle 1969. Denver 1963. Boston 1930. Baltimore 1967. Delaware 1973. Kentucky 1969. Portland 1980. Las Vegas 1975. Milwaukee 1908. Kansas City 1991. Atlanta 1879. Minneapolis 1973. New Orleans, Louisiana 1872. St. Louis, Missouri 1949 . Pennsylvania 1952. Cincinnati 1971. Toledo, Ohio 1989. New Jersey 1953. Virgina appointed Republican Mayors (1782–1853) 0. popularly-elected Republican Mayors (1853-1948) 1 1868. city council appointed Republican Mayors (1948-2005) 1 1988. popularly-elected Republican Mayors (2005-present 0. Buffalo, New York 1965. Washington, D.C 1910. Rhode Island 1984. Los Angeles 2001. New York, in the latest round of disastrous governance, has suffered under Bill de Blasio for six years. Sacramento: Typical of Poorly Run Blue-Mayor Cities. Poor Quality of Life: High crime, homeless camps, drug culture, Antifa violence, and Mayor wants more power. Sacramento, CA has been run by Democrat Mayors and Democrat-dominated city councils for decades. And as with other Democrat-dominated cities, Sacramento, like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland, have become horrific shit-holes, with streets lined with people living in tents and cardboard boxes, there are rodent and bug infestations, human excrement on the sidewalks, discarded syringes and drug paraphernalia litter gutters, and a high illegal alien population. RVs also line these streets, with plastic storage boxes underneath catching the sewer leakage. And residents are just supposed to look the other way. It’s also important to know that the top 10 most dangerous cities in America are run by Democrats. Most of the Mayors of these cities offer very little value to the residents, and spend time only currying favor with big campaign donors and capitulating to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the far left, as Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has mastered. The lesson? It's easier to come back from a Nuclear Strike than Decades and Decades of Democrat Control.Subliminal Messages TV écrit: Which Trump do you like more? Red tie Trump or Blue tie Trump?Rhianna DeLerres écrit: Dems are politically and personally financially enriched from "donations" provided by big pharma in order to squeeze every nickle out of poor sick and elderly americans. Fk u dems.Chuck u farley écrit: Keepamericagreat.comSykout écrit: Pass constitutional carry already, the 2nd AmENDMENT HAS BEEN butchers – PERMISSION is NOT REQUIRED.Ta’metrice Woods écrit: THE YOUTUBE NEWS

He's Doing Something
That's NEVER Been Done
Before�� Huh?

#WELL Sign ALL Them
TOMORROW 9-2-20 And
Send Them Out! 9-3-20'
#NOW That's Sure Will
Be Something That Has
NEVER Been Done!!��
TRUMP!��gp écrit: Lol everything’s “never been done before”. This guy is a legend��Susan Gray écrit: I love my president!claudia hernandez écrit: Hi and thank youBert Montoya écrit: Yeah Donald Trump's. going to be doing good until the movie The Comey rule on Showtime comes out on the 27th and 28th of September then we'll see what his numbers look like after that movie critics are saying that this movie is so good it's like the post with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep go to YouTube right now and look up the Comey Rule trailer and you'll see what I'm talking about even the trailer looks fantastic����Michele Mcmillian écrit: THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR ALL LIVES, COUNTRY, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOM! TRUMP NOVEMBER 3RD 2020!Dirk Diggler écrit: I sit here in a wheelchair as with no insurance I can't afford monopoly drug company Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA drug Colchicine (oldest drug in the USA- and natural) at $10 a pill, but I can go to Mexico for a year's (daily intake) supply for $6 (if I could drive). Takeda is just the probem! Zero competition and fleecing Americans. End the monopolies and end people like Peolosi's term that only holds us back!Ruth écrit: God bless President Trump!Amitabh écrit: We support you Mr trump

Love from India ����Andrew Brunegar écrit: The USA have been paying overinflated prices so the world gets cheap med's? And our baby powder causes cancer? We put that on our babies!!. Big business is completely out of control. The honchos at Johnson and Johnson should leave this country. Or just dieNIKEAIR 23 écrit: ��不要五毛,要 100 écrit: In GOD we trust !
Vote Trump we must !
GOD bless America !
GOD back Trump !Jamell Mcdonald écrit: Lol what everKathee Starr écrit: THANK YOU GOD FOR OUR WONDERFUL TRIUMPHANT PRESIDENT T.R.U.M.P.!!!A Man écrit: ������☝️��������������������������������������mikey fiftythree écrit: America needs Universal Healthcare. Work on that!SARAS DAMAN écrit: Я ДУМАЮ 6 НОЯБРЯ ЭТО КРАЙНИЙ СРОК…РАЗ БЫЛО СКАЗАНО ЧИТАЙ ВНИМАТЕЛЬНО 6 НОЯБРЯ…!?Dan Dan écrit: Donald Trump supporters like to keep it in the same family ��������Lori Valadez écrit: Thank you Mr President! ����Kathy Mikesell écrit: ✝️CHRIST MATTERS✝️������✝️
✝️For The Marriage of That Beloved Most Holy Most High White Lamb my(Holy GODLY kathy)Beloved White Husband Forevermore Has Come long ago and Now is to me(Holy GODLY kathy����)His beloved Holy GODLY Chosen Bride Servant White Wife Forevermore✝️Rejoice����SARAS DAMAN écrit: Я ХОЧУ ВИДЕТЬ САРАСАДАМ…ПОСЛУШАТЬ ЧТО ГОВОРЯТ УЧЕНЫЕ…!?Mara Ospina écrit: ����������������JNYC Rhino Bless écrit: President Trump How about Social Security Disability?SARAS DAMAN écrit: КОГДА Я БУДУ ГОТОВ С ВАМИ ВСТРЕТИТЬСЯ Я СКАЖУ…ПЕРВЫМ ДЕЛОМ САРАСАДАМ!!!JACK MANUEL JOSEPH EPHRAÏM DRONHAIN écrit: A by drugs it can harm childrenJarred Henry écrit: Such a liar and a loser…can’t buy these next 4 yearsJimbo écrit: This is Awesome we have never had a President like Mr. Trump he tells us the business of OUR COUNTRY almost Daily. Is that NICE or whatSARAS DAMAN écrit: А УЧЕНЫХ МОЖЕТЕ ОТПРАВИТЬ С МОИМ САРАСАДАМ ПРЯМО СЕЙЧАС…А САМИ ЖДИТЕ ОСОБОГО ПРИГЛАШЕНИЯ…)Penny C. écrit: LOVE UR PRESIDENT, THE PEOPLES PRESIDENTJinsen Li écrit: Real Captain America ~Trump Captain World ~Trump,God bless Trump,World prosperity!������❤❤❤Trump lovely❤❤❤2020 love you love you❤❤❤God bless Trump to run my Paradise World������⛪⛪⛪Eric V écrit: Winning ��SARAS DAMAN écrit: ВЫ ТАМ НЕ ДУМАЙТЕ ЧТО ВЫ МОЖЕТЕ ЗАЯВИТЬСЯ КО МНЕ КОГДА ВАМ ЭТО УДОБНО БУДЕТ…)Steve Ladner écrit: The drug companies is the whole Goddam problem… �� just more B.S. for the ignorant people… ��

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