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Clonazepam\r\nFor more information, visit http://MedicineCoach.com

Gopi Caicedo écrit: the first day I took .25mg and then the other half a couple hours later. I was doing fine walking around grocery shopping, then I got home, layed down, and noticed truly how relaxed I was. I was super sleepy and went to bed at 8PM and woke up at around 3AM, that was mostly due to not having a good night's sleep the night before, but the clonazepam really relaxed me! I was happy with the outcome. I also just took .25, will take the other half later vita64 écrit: I HATE this drug. It destroyed my life. It says right on the info sheet that it's meant for short term use only, yet it's routinely prescribed for long term use. It causes central nervous system damage and is almost impossible to quit.Kyle M écrit: I take it everyday! 4mg! 🙂 Help with my panic-disorder very good.olmido d écrit: I agree with you. Roche don't offer enough information about schedule withdrawal.Jsmooth7444 écrit: Almost off benzos…anyone who feels that benzodiazepines are an effective way to treat anxiety..think again. Took as prescribed. Tolerance builds within 2 weeks. Have fun getting off.KarbineKyle écrit: I take 2mg 4x a day, For Panic Disorder and a small amount of Xanax, 0.5-4mg, when needed for an ATTACK, I had to take 14 2mg tablets at one time because I had the worst attack ever, this was over 2 yrs ago… I can take 5+ 2mg "bars", and still be uneasy but not panicky, I think Clonazepam is the best, Benzodiazepines truly helps SEVERE PANIC DISORDER. I Try to take as little as I can, but the Panic I Have Is To Strong… =(. Clonazepam is the best, It helps me focus off the constant Panic…KarbineKyle écrit: I'm on Klonopin® Clonazepam 2mg 4x A day, and 0.5mg 2 -4x of Xanax® (Alprazolam), At once when needed. I have the worst Panic Disorder, I'm Probably top 100 in the World… Just an opinion… I've taken almost every Benzodiazepine that exists in the US. Clonazepam has helped me so long, It's the best in my opinion! Adamwells42 is right! I also haven't really built up much of a tolerance, it comes and goes… It does help ME focus though. Too much panic, and you CAN'T do a damn thing!swiss chard écrit: my doc just prescribed me.. at the lowest dosage.. like half of a half..Daemon247 écrit: Hello WestConner,i like your all videos,they are great,i heard that clonazepam is strongest of all benzodiazepines,can you confirm that it's true?if clonazepam isn't the strongest,then what is the most strongest benzodiazepine?thank you.West Conner écrit: You can take them together and sometimes you will build up a tolerance.West Conner écrit: You can take it as needed if you want. Dependence is an individual thing. Some people can take a bunch and not be addicted and other become addicted right away. There's really no way to tell.West Conner écrit: Really, you should not drink at all with benzos. I know people do but there is a risk of death associated with it. The body gets too depressed, as in slows down too much, and you "forget" to breathe. It can happen with any amount of alcohol, but the occurance is rare.

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